SPARTA — Soon after school starts in the fall, there are many FFA competitions that local chapters compete in. These competitions are called Career Development Events (CDEs). The main CDEs that Highland competes in include Job Interview, Food Science and Parliamentary Procedure.

These CDEs help us to gain knowledge, broaden our capabilities and prepare us for situations we may have to face in the future.

In the Job Interview CDE, members prepare a resume, cover letter and a reference sheet for an agricultural related job of their choice. They then have a mock-interview in which they’re trying to become hired for this job.

After the interview, members are given 15 minutes to write a proper follow-up letter. Students who have the highest score then get to move on to the next competition. The county competition was held at Mount Gilead High School on October 17th. Freshmen Christina Beheler, Sophomore Ashley Huffine,

Junior Abigail Erdy and Senior Bridget Oder all competed in this competition and moved on to the Sub-District Job Interview on October 31st at Tri-Rivers Career Center.

In Food Science, members are required to calculate the nutrition facts in food products, try similar foods and guess the difference between them, figure out the smells of certain aromas, and find GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) violations, improper hygiene

and other risks in the food industry. Members who participated in this CDE include Senior Gracie Hinkle, Juniors Jenna Rogers, Kaitlyn Huff and Mikayla Hinton, and Sophomore Bryce Schott. These members practiced for the competition very frequently in our new Food Science class and did well at the contest.

Lastly, the CDE Pari Pro, requires members to learn the rules and transactions of parliamentary procedure. They practice making, debating and either failing or passing different types of motions. Members who competed in this CDE were Seniors Kay Smith, Bridget Oder, and Lucy Smith, Juniors Abigail Erdy and Denim Phillips, and Freshman Miles Jordan.

As a team, they placed well at the County competition held on Nov. 9 at Cardington-Lincoln High School and the Sub-District competition on Nov. 13 at Marysville High School, making it onto the District competition on Nov. 29 at North Union High School where they also placed well.

In each of these CDEs members gain leadership, knowledge and teamwork, which will prepare and guide them in the future.

ByAbigail Erdy

FFA Chapter Reporter