Northmor’s Demetrius Johnson and head coach Scott Armrose topped local football representatives in the Central District’s all-star teams, released Tuesday.

Johnson was named the Offensive Player of the Year in Division VI and also was picked to the first-team offense as a quarterback. Armrose was tabbed as the Coach of the Year for Division VI.

Several other Knights also were picked. Austin Wheeler (lineman) was named to the first-team offense, while Blake Miller (lineman) was picked for the first-team defense. Earning special/honorable mention were D’Marcus Hudson and Ryan Moore. The other three Morrow County football teams also had players on the all-district squads. For Highland, in

Division IV, linemen Chase Carpenter and Joey Scaffidi were both named to the first-team offense. Tate Tobin (linebacker) and Javier Vasquez (lineman) were picked to the first-team defense. Named to the second-team offense were running backs Brody Matthews and Jack Weaver and receiver Isaiah Stoneburner. Defensive back Jarin Vasquez was named to the second-team defense, while Matt Reid and Brock Veley both were named special/honorable mention.

Division V Mount Gilead had tight end Mason Mollohan on the first-team offense. Quarterback Seth Young and lineman Garrett Casto were picked to the second-team offense; while Timmy Brower and Hunter Trimmer both got special/honorable mention.

In Division VII, Cardington’s Mason Goers was a first-team offense selection, while back Daniel Kill and linebacker Tyler Villella both were named first-team defensive players. Earning special/honorable mention were Dalton Purdee and Garrett Wagner.

Following are the complete all-district teams for the divisions containing local teams.


First-team offense

Quarterbacks: Preston Eisnaugle (Jonathan Alder) 6-1, 190, sr.; Ethyn “Otto” Kuhns (Bloom-Carroll) 6-3, 195, so.; Jake Lewis (Licking Valley) 6-2, 195, sr.; Brayden Neff (Amanda-Clearcreek) 6-0, 180, sr. Running backs: Michael Blevins (River Valley) 5-9, 175, sr.; Jamie Dye (Jonathan Alder) 5-9, 175, sr.; Connor McLaughlin (Licking Valley) 6-0, 180, jr.; KJ Price (London) 5-10, 175, jr. Receivers: Fisher Jones (Bloom-Carroll) 5-11, 163, sr.; Mack Marston (Utica) 6-2, 215, jr.; Dalton Potts (Jonathan Alder) 5-8, 175, sr.; Tristan Warthman (Lakewood) 6-2, 190, sr. Linemen: Chase Carpenter (Highland) 6-3, 190, jr.; Jarrod Hufford (Licking Valley) 6-7, 290, jr.; Jacob Jones (London) 6-3, 305, sr.; Nick McConnaughey (Bloom-Carroll) 6-3, 230, sr.; Joey Scaffidi (Highland) 6-5, 250, jr.; Nick Wing (Bloom-Carroll) 6-3, 245, sr. Kicker: Cameron Shirkey (Bloom-Carroll) 5-8, 135, so.

First-team defense

Backs: Bryan Blacka (Jonathan Alder) 6-2, 170, sr.; Gunnar Carpenter (Licking Valley) 5-8, 145, sr.; Will Riffle (Amanda-Clearcreek) 6-3, 190, jr. Linebackers: Garrett Meyers (Utica) 5-7, 155, jr.; Drew Myers (Jonathan Alder) 5-10, 195, sr.; Amon Smith (Linden) 5-10, 190, sr. Bricker Thiel (London) 5-10, 210,Tate Tobin (Highland) 6-0, 210, jr.; Frankie Williams (Bloom-Carroll) 5-8, 170, sr. Linemen: Max Cooper (River Valley) 6-0, 215, sr.; Nolan Larison (Jonathan Alder) 6-1, 210, sr.; Javier Vasquez (Highland) 5-10, 175, sr. Punter: Miller Kronk (London) 6-1, 200, sr.

Offensive player of the year: KJ Price (London)

Defensive player of the year: Nolan Larison (Jonathan Alder)

Coach of the year: Randy Baughman (Licking Valley)

Second-team offense

Quarterback: Brad Potes (Utica) 6-0, 170, sr. Running backs: Brody Matthews (Highland) 5-10, 160, jr.; Tyler Spears (River Valley) 5-10, 200, sr.; Jack Weaver (Highland) 6-1, 175, so. Receivers: Ethan Brechbill (Licking Valley) 5-11, 175, sr.; Isaiah Stoneburner (Highland) 6-3, 190, jr. Linemen: Austin Collins (Licking Valley) 6-1, 225, sr.; Jacob Sullivan (Jonathan Alder) 5-11, 210, sr.

Second-team defense

Back: Jarin Vazquez (Highland) 5-10, 155, jr. Linebackers: Myzarone Gordon (Linden) 5-10, 185, sr.; David Moody (Lakewood) 6-0, 225, sr.; Adam Sites (Amanda-Clearcreek) 5-8, 160, sr. Linemen: Grant Robinson (Bexley) 6-1, 245, sr. Punter: Josh Ellwood (River Valley).

Special/honorable mention

Raeon Arrington (East); Dane Black (Lakewood); Zaven Boland (Lakewood); Dylan Boysel (Jonathan Alder) Nate Claude (Linden); Aaron Dennis (Utica); Henry Garner (Linden); Josh Handey (London); Colin Kozlowski (Licking Valley); Armon Mackey (East); Austin Nethers (Licking Valley); Gavin Posey (Utica); Matt Reid (Highland); Brock Veley (Highland); Connor Vierstra (Lakewood); JaQuan Watson (Linden); Blake Wickline (Bloom-Carroll).


First-team offense

Quarterbacks: Lance Lambert (West Jefferson) 6-2, 185, sr.; Matt Saling (Columbus Academy) 6-0, 210, sr. Running backs: Bryce Barasch (Johnstown) 5-8, 160, jr.; Ryan Bevington (Madison Plains) 5-11, 205, sr.; Patrick Blubaugh (Pleasant) 5-8, 170, so.; Jack Foley (Ready) 5-5, 135, sr.; Herman Moultrie (Columbus Academy) 5-11, 185, sr.; Carson Smith (North Union) 6-2, 165, so. Receiver: Cole Peardon (Liberty Union) 5-10, 170, sr. Tight ends: Mason Mollohan (Mount Gilead) 6-5, 210, jr.; Xavier Stallard (Fredericktown) 6-3, 200, sr. Linemen: Anthony Baum (Ready) 5-9, 242, sr.; Gunnar Doran (West Jefferson) 6-4, 320, sr.; Cole Howard (West Jefferson) 5-10, 200, sr.; Mason Soviak (North Union) 6-4, 250, sr.; Chase Tipsword (Pleasant) 6-4, 250, sr.; Caleb Writesel (Johnstown) 6-4, 240, sr. Kickers: Sam Massick (Columbus Academy) 5-9, 150, so.; Logan Thompson (Pleasant) 5-11, 165, sr.

First-team defense

Backs: Will Cox (Northridge) 6-3, 190, sr.; Dorrian Moultrie (Columbus Academy) 5-10, 165, sr.; Simon Romine (Heath) 5-11, 164, sr.; Caleb Vanhook (West Jefferson) 5-11, 165, sr. Linebackers: Matt Chase (Pleasant) 5-10, 195, sr.; Kaden Davis (Johnstown) 6-0, 205, jr.; Ethan Higgins (West Jefferson) 6-1, 195, sr.; Dane Hogue (Heath) 6-0, 175, fr.; Brent McClure (Liberty Union) 6-2, 190, sr.; John Schiano (Columbus Academy) 5-11, 195, sr.; Joe Seifert (Worthington Christian) 6-0, 205, sr. Linemen: Colton Clark (North Union) 6-0, 285, jr.; Alex Enders (Pleasant) 6-2, 210, jr.; Jake Lusk (Johnstown) 6-3, 190, fr.; Charles Omameh (Ready) 6-1, 270, sr.; Mark Opperman (Liberty Union) 6-2, 200, sr.; Josh Pearson (Columbus Academy) 5-11, 200, sr.; Kory Pytlarz (Pleasant) 6-7, 200, sr. Punter: Anthony Padovano (North Union) 6-1, 160, jr.

Offensive player of the year: Lance Lambert (West Jefferson)

Defensive player of the year: Matt Chase (Pleasant)

Coach of the year: Shawn Buescher (West Jefferson)

Second-team offense

Quarterback: Seth Young (Mount Gilead) 6-2, 190, sr. Running backs: Alex Chalfant (Northridge) 6-0, 185, sr.; Michael Hartings (Worthington Christian) 5-10, 192, sr.; Garrett Miller (North Union) 6-0, 172, sr. Linemen: John Berkley (Northridge) 5-9, 225, sr.; Garrett Casto (Mount Gilead) 6-1, 205, jr. Galen Cox (Worthington Christian) 6-6, 280, sr.; Dalyn Decree (Columbus Academy) 6-0, 200, jr.; Mitch Hurlbut (Fredericktown) 5-11, 270, sr.; Jacob Petee (Madison Plains) 6-1, 220, sr.; Jackson Smith (Liberty Union) 6-3, 311, sr.; Wyatt Walton (Johnstown) 6-3, 305, so. Kicker: A.J. Craddock (Ready) 5-7, 125, so.

Second-team defense

Backs: Chase Jones (Ready) 5-9, 155, sr.; Treyton McCoy (Heath) 6-3, 176, sr.; Isaac Puckett (Madison Plains) 5-9, 170, jr. Linebackers: Anthony Caputo (Fredericktown) 6-0, 180, sr. Tyler Karr (Heath) 6-0, 180, sr.; Chris Cox-Wilson (North Union) 6-0, 185, jr.; Ryan Wood (Ready) 6-1, 215, sr. Linemen: Chris Coil (Madison Plains) 5-11, 229, sr.; Stew Davis (Johnstown) 6-3, 210, so.; Jaxon Hughes (North Union) 6-4, 208, jr.; Colton Miller (Liberty Union) 6-0, 240, sr.; Brayden Stark (Pleasant) 6-2, 210, jr. Punter: Alex Jenney (Johnstown) 5-10, 155, jr.

Special/honorable mention

Chris Absten (Northridge); Braden Anderson (Worthington Christian); Josh Boso (Johnstown); Timmy Brower (Mount Gilead); Dustin Burgeon (Madison Plains); Caden Calhoun (Johnstown); Cade Canter (Ready); Cade Dent (Ready); Zach Graham (West Jefferson); Christian Kopina (Fredericktown); Austin Grover (Liberty Union); Luke Myers (Johnstown); Jaishon Norris (Ready); Jimmy Nussbaum (Fredericktown); Drake Price (North Union); Lee Queen (Johnstown); John Robbins (Fredericktown); Ian Richards (Madison Plains); Dalton Rowland (North Union); Matt Schiano (Columbus Academy); Jordan South (West Jefferson); Hunter Trimmer (Mount Gilead); Justin Williams (West Jefferson); Kyle Willis (North Union); Avery Wolfe (Pleasant).


First-team offense

Quarterbacks: Demetrius Johnson (Northmor) 5-8, 170, sr.; Kadden Lester (East Knox) 6-1, 173, so.; Jacob Nicol (Fairbanks) 6-0, 185, jr. Running backs: Brandon Kelly (Elgin) 5-8, 155, jr.; Kasson Krownapple (East Knox) 6-0, 180, jr.; Danyal Minton (Elgin) 6-1, 215, sr. Receivers: Tyler Beem (Fairbanks) 6-3, 195, jr.; Caleb Gallwitz (East Knox) 5-10, 175, so.; Luke Lachey (Grandview) 6-6, 185, so. Tight end: Ethan Beckett (East Knox) 6-1, 230, sr. Linemen: Jordan Brown (Elgin) 6-3, 240, sr.; Sam Rengert (Fairbanks) 6-7, 290, so.; Sam Wendt (Newark Catholic) 6-3, 260, sr.; Austin Wheeler (Northmor) 6-2, 215, sr. Kicker: Megan Olson (Fairbanks) 5-8, 125, sr.

First-team defense

Backs: Nate Hickman (Elgin) 6-2, 185, sr.; Brian Higinbotham (Fairbanks) 6-1, 180, sr.; Konnor Ruff (Newark Catholic) 5-9, 155, sr. Linebackers: Nole Criswell (Elgin) 5-10, 185, sr.; Mark LeChard (Centerburg) 5-10, 175, sr.; Jacob Lumbatis (Newark Catholic) 5-9, 170, Charlie Scheiderer (Fairbanks) 6-0, 190, jr. Linemen: J.T. Brown (Newark Catholic) 5-8, 147, jr.; James Lachey (Grandview) 6-4, 235, sr.; Blake Miller (Northmor) 6-5, 190, so.; Cole Murdock (Fairbanks) 6-0, 200, sr.; Brandon Spaulding (Grandview) 6-1, 230, sr.

Offensive player of the year: Demetrius Johnson (Northmor)

Defensive player of the year: James Lachey (Grandview)

Coach of the year: Scott Armrose (Northmor)

Special/honorable mention

Jaron Anderson (Africentric); Tyler Boales (Centerburg); Hunter Chapman (Newark Catholic); Trevor Chippas (Fairbanks); Dawson David (East Knox); Judge Fisher (Elgin); Santana Galvan (Elgin); Jake Gibson (East Knox); Hayden Hankinson (Centerburg); Dorian Holloway (Africentric); D’Marcus Hudson (Northmor); Michael Kuhn (Centerburg); Sam Lama (Newark Catholic); Ryan Moore (Northmor); Preston Pertuset (Elgin); Kenny Reynolds (Africentric); Dorian Ross (Elgin); Stephen Schmitt (Centerburg); Ty Scott (Newark Catholic); Beau Sloan (Fairbanks); R.J. Snyder (East Knox); Gage Steinmetz (East Knox); Luke Sterneker (Grandview); Jack Wallace (Grandview).


First-team offense

Quarterbacks: Skyler Durbin (Danville) 6-5, 200, sr.; Jacob Ricker (Berne Union) 6-1, 190, sr. Running backs: Daniel Bangura (Harvest Prep) 5-10, 180, sr.; Mason Goers (Cardington) 5-10, 185, so. Receivers: Steven Berry (Millersport) 6-3, 210, sr.; Corbin Hazen (Danville) 6-1, 197, jr.; Tyler Mickley (Danville) 5-10, 150, sr.; Savon Mitchell (Harvest Prep) 6-2, 160, sr. Tight end: Brice Berger (Danville) 6-0, 200, sr. Linemen: Keegan Christie (Fisher Catholic) 6-2, 245, sr.; Tre Turnbo (Harvest Prep) 6-5, 300, jr.; Dylan Wilson (Danville) 6-0, 250, jr. Kicker: Reese Dorsey (Danville) 5-8, 140, jr.

First-team defense

Backs: Brett Baker (Grove City Christian) 5-11, 175, jr.; Daniel Kill (Cardington) 5-11, 195, sr.; Logan Loy (Fisher Catholic) 5-10, 165, sr. Linebackers: Zion Bangura (Harvest Prep) 5-10, 180, jr.; Chaz Dickerson (Berne Union) 5-10, 200, jr.; Tyler Villella (Cardington) 5-11, 205, sr.; Brody Weidner (Berne Union) 5-10, 162, sr. Linemen: Chris Greenawalt (Danville) 6-0, 214, jr.; Isaiah Mullens (Harvest Prep) 6-6, 260, sr.; Joey Muncie (Berne Union) 6-1, 220, sr.; Marshall Stull (Danville) 5-10, 220, sr. Punter: Matthias Bean (Columbus Crusaders) 6-3, 190, sr.

Offensive player of the year: Daniel Bangura (Harvest Prep)

Defensive player of the year: Marshall Stull (Danville)

Coach of the year: Steve Daulton (Berne Union)

Special/honorable mention

Quenton Blount (Grove City Christian); Isaac Butts (Millersport); Moses Davis (Harvest Prep); Cameron Garrison (Reigning Sports Academy); Christian Gaul (Fisher Catholic); Seth Karn (Danville); Zane Mirgon (Berne Union); Drew Printz (Danville); Dalton Purdee (Cardington); Corey Sollie (Fairfield Christian); Deven Speck (Cardington); Blake Spitler (Grove City Christian); Connor Swartz (Fisher Catholic); Garrett Wagner (Cardington); Jeremiah Wooten (Columbus Crusaders); Kent Writesel (Grove City Christian).

Note: Only one team was selected in Divisions VI and VII due to low numbers of teams.

Northmor’s Demetrius Johnson was named the Offensive Player of the Year for the Central District’s Division VI.’s Demetrius Johnson was named the Offensive Player of the Year for the Central District’s Division VI. Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

Scott Armrose was named the Central District’s Coach of the Year for Division VI. Armrose was named the Central District’s Coach of the Year for Division VI. Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

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