By Rob Hamilton

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At Tuesday’s Fredericktown Invitational, Mount Gilead’s boys finished in sixth place, while Highland was eighth and Northmor ran 10th.

MG was led by Gavin Robinson, who was 18th in 19:05.66. Trevor Ball took 25th in 19:27.46, while Eric Mowery ran 41st in 19:59.53 and Sy Shipman placed 46th in 20:15.8. Connor Page was 49th in 20:32.27, Isaac George placed 50th in 20:33.49 and Josh Sullivan claimed 51st in 20:36.02.

Also, Tyler Clark was 57th, Nathan Weaver took 58th, Wyatt Fricke placed 69th, Turner Fitzpatrick ran 70th, Nathan Johnson placed 91st and Tyler Knight was 105th.

For Highland, Dalton Lee placed eighth in 18:23.06 to lead the way. Zach Wetzel finished 36th in 19:49.49, while Bruce Jordan took 56th in 20:44.31, Tucker Tague was 66th in 21:06.08 and Chandler Bumpus finished 66th in 21:06.08. Alex McCafferty took 87th in 21:57.4 and Christian Miller was 102nd in 22:25.08.

Also, Nefiano Bumpus took 105th, Bode Sardinha ran 108th, Josh Frazier was 138th and Andrew Gaylor took 169th.

Ryan Bentley led Northmor by finishing 23rd in 19:16.76. Manny Heilman took 48th in 20:32.05 and Alec Moore placed 64th in 21:03.08, while Kooper Keen was 76th in 21:39.89 and Sam Weaver ran 83rd in 21:45.88. Kyle Price finished 114th in 22:53.38 and Kolton Hart took 123rd in 23:18.42.

Also, Austin Lewis finished 150th and Zach Govoni placed 153rd.

In the girls’ meet, Highland was 11th, Mount Gilead took 12th and Northmor ran 13th.

For Highland, Sophia Thompson took second in 20:38.08. Heather Ross ran 83rd in 27:03.2, Samantha Trusler placed 95th in 27:48.99 and Annie Bailey claimed 98th in 28:16.79. Also, Madison Cecil was 104th in 28:39.58 and Olivia Longhenry took 126th in 31:43.86.

Mount Gilead was led by Bridgette Millisor, who finished 49th in 25:08.1. Makayla Weaver ran 74th in 26:34.79, while Jadyn Shipman took 77th in 26:44.57, Zoie Barron was 84th in 27:06.17 and Emily Randall claimed 119th in 30:04.22. Dakota Shipman got 122nd in 30:14.43 and Emma Burchett claimed 133rd in 32:52.22. Also, Kelly Baer was 147th.

Northmor’s top runner was Samantha Grogg, who took 89th place in 27:16.25. Carolyn McGaulley ran 94th in 27:42.27 and Olivia Goodson claimed 100th in 28:31.85. Also, Francesa Cutrupi was 118th in 30:02.11, Kenadie Hart took 128th in 31:58.41 and Tori Carver placed 134th in 32:56.12.

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