Cardington Council organizes, meets with township trustees


Cardington Village council completed its organizational meeting, regular meeting and semi-annual joint meeting with the Cardington Township and Glendale Union Cemetery trustees.

John Nippert was reelected President Pro-tem of council. Meeting

dates were set and 2017 holidays were announced. Council will meet

on the first and third Mondays of each month at 7 pm, the exceptions

being Tuesday, January 17, and Tuesday, September 5.

All committees will remain the same. Council approved the ordinance

2017-01, which establishes these rules for providing notice of meetings of

the village council.

Also approved was a resolution setting forth rules of procedure with respect

to the conduct of council.

Other approvals included:

-An ordinance establishing the number of deputy marshals authorized within

the Cardington Police Department for 2017 as one full time officer as village

marshal/police chief and four additional full time deputy marshals/patrolman

and to provide six additional part time positions for help within the depart-

ment. In addition, the village will also have an auxiliary force as authorized

in a number not to exceed 15 officers.

-An ordinance establishing the number of firefighters to be employed and or

authorized to serve as members of the Cardington Fire Department for 2017.

They are a fire chief and an assistant fire chief on a part time basis. Also

authorized are not more than 36 volunteer fire fighting personnel to be paid

for fighting duties as authorized by the annual village salary ordinance and

the Cardington Volunteer Fire Department regulations.

Giving her report, Fiscal Officer Deb Fry explained the need to approve

an ordinance authorizing the appropriations and supplemental appropriations

of a $10,000 transfer from the income tax fund to parks. Council approved

the legislation. She explained that skate park upgrades are being targeted for 2017 and included in the appropriations.

She also reviewed the income tax revenues for the village for the past three

years. Bills approved for payment totaled $51,763.15

Council approved the Skywirez LLC contract allowing wireless internet

equipment to be placed on the village water tower in exchange for internet


Fire Chief Gary Goodman reported the department had made 194 runs in 2016 and Police Chief James Wallace reported the department had received

190 calls for service in 2016.

Village Administrator Danny Wood said his department had completed

snow and ice removal, hauled sludge and repaired a broke four-inch

PVC plumbing in the Gilead Street lift station.

During the semi annual joint meeting with the Glendale Union Cemetery

trustees and the Cardington Township trustees, the three entities approved

the cemetery appropriations in the amount of $183,269.94 reported by Vickie

Ullom, clerk.

Cardington Township trustees are Doug Heacock, Don Lee and Loren Radel.

Glendale Union Cemetery trustees are Scott Carsner, Heacock representing

the township and Morris representing the village. Darla Hardwick is the

township clerk. Cardington village council members are Nippert, Nancy

Edwards, Steve Burton, Heather Deskins, Tim Abraham and Morris.

During a special meeting of council held December 28, 2016, members approved a resolution accepting the amount and rates as determined

by the budget commission and authorized the necessary tax levies

and certifying those to the county auditor. Also approved was an ordinance

authorizing the appropriation and supplemental appropriations of additional

funds in the total amount of $100,000 to the General Fund from the Income

Tax fund as included in the original budget. Both pieces of legislation

had to be completed before the end of 2016.

Council will meet next at 7 pm on January 17.

By Evelyn Long

The Sentinel

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