Highland appeals federal court ruling in transgender bathroom case


Highand School District has filed an appeal to a federal district court’s decision Monday in Board of Education of the Highland Local School District v. United States Department of Education that forces one of the district’s schools to allow a biologically male student to use girls’ restroom.

“Schools have a duty to protect the privacy, safety, and dignity of all students, but the judge’s order today doesn’t allow the Highland Local School District to do that. Allowing boys in girls’ restrooms completely disregards the privacy needs and rights of all the girls who are rightfully and understandably concerned. The school district must consider them as well, and that’s why it crafted a sound policy which respects the privacy concerns of all children and at the same time respects the diverse needs of individual children. For this reason, our client has appealed the court’s decision,” said Alliance Defending Freedom Legal Counsel Doug Wardlow.

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