Meeting on June 20, the Cardington-Lincoln Board of Education was told by Jon Mason, district treasurer, that “things are getting better, they are under control.”

Giving the May, 2016 financial report he described his FY 16 appropriations report as a “tidying up fund.” He said the cafeteria had a very good year and said there was no need to transfer money from the general fund to the cafeteria fund this year as in the past.

The following personnel actions were approved: Suspension of administrative contract due to reduction in force: Christy Roqueplot, principal, effective July 31, 2016; severance payments to Phillip Biederman in the amount of $4,880.32 and $1,768.24 to the estate of Bonnie Cochran.

Supt Petrie commented on the passing of Bonnie Cochran. “She was s staple of the district, working as as bus driver and in the cafeteria. One of the things you want as a parent is to trust a driver to keep the kids safe and her contribution to the district in those ways was wonderful.”

Under the consent agenda the board approved the following resignations: of certified staff members: Justin Lorko elementary guidance and Brooke Holcomb, elementary social worker, both effective May 26; Chelsea Rockwell, elementary teacher, effective July 10 and Carolyn Beal, elementary guidance grant coordinator, June 8.

Diana Stevens was named a substitute bus driver retro to May 24. The following certified/pupil services contracts were approved each for one year: Megan Burson, elementary guidance (replacement) K-6; Erin Wollett, Agricultural Education; Corie Moore, three years, Math/Science JH/HS; Jillian Kaufman, three years; fourth grade; David Carter, elementary guidance Lindsey Anders, social worker K-6; Jack Boulis, elementary music, K-6 and Carrie Jeffrey, MH Intervention K-6.

He thanked the community and board for their scholarship donations He also commented on the letter from the C-LHS Alumni Association

in which they thanked the board for allowing the use of the school for

the annual event. Petrie complimented the alumni group, calling it

a “great event.” “ I feel very lucky that I’m working in a place where there

is so much camaraderie— so many schools do not have an event like that

– it’s like a big class reunion.”

The superintendent told the board he has been in conversation with Head Start individuals concerning the utilizing of space in the district for an all day Head Start Program. He said the Goal Digital Academy has also been in contact with him about leasing space for their program.

The other recommendation was that the price of lunches in grades K-4 will rise by the federal minimum as required by 10 cents from $2.50 to $2.60 and the price for students in grades 5-12 by 10 cents from $2.75 to $2.85.

The board will meet next on August 8, 2016.

By Evelyn Long

The Sentinel

Approved actions

The board approved the FY16 final appropriations list, the FY 16 at the Fund level; the FY 16 Amended Certificate of Appropriations and Estimated Resources and the FY17 temporary appropriations.

Acting on the superintendent’s recommendation, the board approved the graduation of senior Thomas Jordan.

Purchased service contracts approved included the Rentz Therapy, for occupational therapy at $47 per hour for school age children and Rentz Therapy for occupational therapy at $47 per hour for pre-school children; Deb Romas and Associates for speech therapy at $62 for grades K-12 and Deb Romas and Associates for speech therapy at $62 for pre school


Supt. Petrie pointed out this fee has been frozen by Romas and Associates for the last five years. “We’re appreciate of that – they understand our financial situation,” he said.

Also approved was the contract with Morrow County Health Department for nursing services at $18,460 per year and the Mid-Ohio ESC annual services contract for $165,040. This is for physical therapy, MH teacher, attendance and talented and gifted coordination.

Supt Petrie explained, “We do not get an invoice from them, it is deducted from our foundation payment. In January and February if these costs are any different – I would anticipate these costs would go down.”

The META Solutions (formerly TRECA) was approved.

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