Cardington Board of Education approves reduction in force measure, five-year financial forecast


Meeting in regular session last week the Cardington-Lincoln Board of Education considered several personnel actions and agreed to a reduction in force.

Members voted to eliminate the students services director position and suspended the certified contract of Amy Hildebrand, pre-school, effective July 31.

The resignation of Kristen Foust, aide, was accepted effective April 22 and the certified contract of Jack Boulis, K-12 Music was not renewed by a 4-1 vote. Voting against the measure was board member Marilyn Davis who said her vote was cast as “no” for “reasons given during his evaluation.”

Also not renewed was the contract of Carrie Jeffrey, elementary MH. The reinstatement of contract from RIF due to resignation (recall) was approved for Colette Jones, aide, effective May 13.

The board agreed to its membership in the Ohio High School Athletic Association for the 2016-2017 school year and approved the list of graduating seniors for 2016.

Brian Petrie, superintendent, said the eighth graders would be leaving for their annual trip to Washington D C. He named Emily Benson, Casey Bertke, Nick McAvoy and Laney Sherbourne as those who will place a wreath at Arlington National Cemetery and laying the wreath at the Viet Nam Wall will be Reanna Roth, Liz Horton and Abby Devore.

Giving his report, Jon Mason, district treasurer, said “Each month we reconcile all the funds together and we held our own the past month a positive note was that our school district tax was up which helps our general fund.”

Mason shared that “The last fiscal year ‘15 audit is complete and came through and when I get it certified I will share it – it’s finished and it’s a moot point. We’re looking forward.”

Referring to his five-year forecast, which must be made in May and October, Mason needs approval for this month and said to finish the year “we are borrowing a tax anticipation note to finish the year on a positive note as we aren’t allowed to finish in a negative for our general fund -we’re having to borrow which isn’t the best position you want to be in – it’s there for your approval I don’t think anyone likes it.”

He said the district’s recovery plan is a work in progress.

The board approved the five-year forecast and also approved the ODE recovery plan; the ODE School Lunch Program Equipment Grant for $8,800 and the Voluntary Student Accident Insurance Program for FY 2017 with Griffin Insurance.

The board approved the consent agenda which includes employment of nine classified contracts; one classified substitute; 15 certified contracts one pupil activity contract (for FY 16) and two pupil activity contracts for FY 17.

By Evelyn Long

The Sentinel

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