Morrow County Tresurer Tom Griffith said that a representative from US Senator Sherrod Brown’s office will visit the county to discuss land banks.

“Land banks have traditionally taken rundown, abandoned properties and reconditioned and returned them for sale and development,” Griffith said.

He also stated that there will be $200 million in funding available for county land banks.

He plans to apply for the Morrow County Land Bank and hopes the potential funding will get the new land bank moving.

Griffith noted that the funds for the land bank are used for the clean-up demolition and other functions of vacant properties.

The idea behind the effort is to revitalize vacant, foreclosed and abandoned properties with available federal, state and private funding.

Leader encouraged the meeting with Brown and noted that these funds could be used like seed money for the Morrow County Land Bank.

Morrow County Commissioners received two bids for leasing out the farm ground at the Morrow County Airport. A bid was received from Brock Goodman for $65 per acre and from Brian Barkley for $25 per acre. Bids were held for review by the Airport board by board members Don Lee and Joe Dreyer.

By Alberta Stojkovic

The Sentinel

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