Morrow County Commissioner Dick Miller welcomed Commissioner elect Warren Davis at the March 21 meeting. The current commissioner offered to meet with Davis to talk about some of the issues and concerns of the county that are in the works.

Commissioner, Dennis Leader added that he (Leader) would also be available to discuss the issues so that there is a smooth transition as he and Miller left office.

“We all want what’s best for the county,” Leader said. “I will continue to have an interest in what goes on so there will be a good transition.”

Additionally, Morrow County Commissioners approved an agreement for Morrow County Wellness Program Services to partner with the Morrow County Community Center.

The agreement names the Community Center as the health services provider for “wellness program services” for county employees at a discounted rate. The Morrow County Community Center will receive a sum of $1,800 from the contract.

Commissioners suggested that the Community Center have a flyer with information about the discount available at the next County Departments’ meeting the first week in April. The County Development Office and Chamber of Commerce can also help communicate information about the discount for county employees.

Morrow County Auditor, Pat Davies and County Treasurer, Tom Griffith were present to report on getting county credit cards paid in a more timely manner. They are working with Erin Kelty of First Knox National Bank to have fees reduced and pay the accounts online.

Commissioners Miller, Leader and Whiston asked to state for the record that they do not use the county credit cards. They pay for luncheons, transportation and other expenses for out-of-office events themselves.

Davies also discussed the progress on the Geographic Information System (GIS) Mapping. Commissioners agreed that they need to get the technical experts going so the project can get underway.

By Alberta Stojkovic

The Sentinel

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