To the Editor:

I am one of many Veterans that served our United States and was lucky enough to come home alive. However, I feel that I did not come home to be threatened by of all of this violence in the world. I’m tired of all of the shooting. Please stop trying to take guns away from people. If you pass a background check and you want to carry you should have that right. Let people carry and you can feel safer knowing that a co-worker or person in the same restaurant, store or bank is carrying a gun for protection. Maybe the “bad guy” will think twice!

Just recently on the news a restaurant owner welcomed anyone that was carrying. He knew he wasn’t going to have any trouble from outsiders because everyone knew that he allowed it in his restaurant. It just makes people think twice about using guns inappropriately. An FBI agent on television recently said that if you can’t run or hide you need to protect yourself. Even if you just use a pair of scissors. Do you now want to ban scissors because they are being used as a weapon?

Make America safe again!

Gary Kehrwecker