Guns don’t kill; people do


Dear Editor,

Here we go again to solve all of our problems we need gun control. The letter last week is another good example of a person willing to slant the facts to try and prove their point. If you look at the real facts you will find whenever there is a mass shooting it is done in a gun free zone why? Because the shooter does not want any one shooting back at him or her until they have killed or wounded a number of people. Clips with less rounds only means it will take about seven seconds to fire ten shots instead of five seconds.

Gun control proves one thing only – the bad guy is going to have guns so they can control the people without guns. Chicago has some of the strongest gun laws in the country but always rank at the top of the list in murder rate caused by guns in the country yes gun control works.

I do believe gun laws need change in this country. Our mass of nothing living in the white house wants this country standards to be like more like Europe. For the most part he is still refuses to call a Muslim terrorist a terrorist but like a stopped clock which is right twice a day there is a country that has a law we should adopt. That country in Europe that requires every adult not only be trained, but own, and also carry a gun. Surprise that country has the lowest murder and gun violence rate in the world. The gun law needs changed so every reasonable adult should be required to be trained, own. and carry a gun and do away with gun free zones. There is evidence that a person who wants to commit a crime with a gun will think twice if he or she suspects someone else has a gun and can shoot back at them. I know a person who first hand found out that fact for himself. He was in a bank on personal business when a man walked in to rob the bank. The would be robber said he had a gun but as soon as a customer informed the thief that they also had a gun he ran from the bank was caught and is now in jail serving time for the crime.

The president does not, from his actions, want to keep the country safe, so every law abiding American should be allowed to own a gun if only for self protection. Guns do not kill people, it is the person pulling the trigger that kills people.

Duane Rasey, Mount Gilead

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