Cardington-Lincoln Elementary students are being rewarded for being Respectful, Responsible and Ready as they work with a program titled Pirate Bucks. They earn these bucks for promoted behaviors and actions and with each Pirate Buck earned and saved, the student can “cash” them all in for an allowed reward. For instance, a student earning 20 Pirate Bucks will earn them the opportunity to assist a teacher of their choice for ten minutes of class time. The more Pirate Bucks accumulated, the larger the reward.

The students have been adjusting to this new program exceptionally well and as as a result they are being rewarded with something unusual. Each class was given a pumpkin on October 2nd and they are to decorate this pumpkin as they wish, the goal, to be the class with the best decorated pumpkin. Faculty member Laura Carrigan, spokesperson for the program, said, “Our students have been working hard coming up with ideas to use and ways to do it.”

On October 30, each class will bring their decorated pumpkins to be judged by Principal Roqueplot, Assistant Principal Hardwick and Supt Brian Petrie. The winner will be announced at noon.

These pumpkins will be displayed in front of the school during Trick or Treat Night, Saturday, October 31, from 5 – 6:30 pm. The public is invited to come by and see what the students have done not only as the whole Cardington Elementary School but as members of the community.

By Evelyn Long

for the Morrow County Sentinel