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The Cardinal Center hosted the Mid Summer Championship from July 17-19. A total of 281 shooters participated in six events over the three days. Saturday’s Singles Championship was the highest-attended event with 183 participants.

Results from the Mid Summer Championship are listed below.

Event #1: Friday Preliminary Singles

Class AA, Dirk Meckstroth, 100; Class A, Tate Hedrick, 100; Class B, Brandon Harrison, 99; Class C, Michael Riley, 98; Class D, John Hunnell, 96; Sub Junior, Zachary Debord, 96; Junior, Ryan Minyo, 100; Junior Gold, Philip Fell, 99; Sub Veteran, Steve Corwin, 100; Veteran, Paul Marthey, 100; Senior Veteran, Donald Petroff, 100; Lady1, Justine Nussbaum, 96; Lady2, Deborah Extine, 92.

Event #2: Friday Preliminary Handicap

Champion, Dean Townsend, 98; Runner-Up, Kenneth Mills, Jr., 97; Third Place, Carl Chadwell, 96; Sub Junior, Madison Pitstick, 91; Junior, Ryan Minyo, 93; Junior Gold, Elizabeth Ternes, 93; Sub Veteran, Steve Corwin, 96; Veteran, Mike Dehabey, 94; Senior Veteran, John Mueller, 94; Lady1, Vicki Miller, 93; Lady2, Peggy Wise, 92.

Event #3: Friday Preliminary Doubles

Class AA, Carl Chadwell, 193; Class A, Alex Cutter, 194; Class B, Tony Homan, 188; Class C, Brandon Harrison, 174; Class D, Steve Hays, 181; Sub Junior, Brady Welsh, 189; Junior, Ryan Minyo, 186; Junior Gold, Elizabeth Ternes, 184; Sub Veteran, Russell Hastings, 196; Veteran, Tom Cecil, 185; Senior Veteran, George Ritzenhaler, 188; Lady1, Jennifer Hedrick, 152.

Event #4: Singles Championship

Champion, Dirk Meckstroth, 200; Class AA, Michael Wingerd, 199; Class A, Kevin Dawson, 199; Class B, Kenneth Scheben, 198; Class C, Mike Heimann, 193; Class D, J.M. Perrill, 195; Sub Junior, Brady Welsh; Junior, Jason Schieve, 196; Junior Gold, Matthew Begley, 196; Sub Veteran, Chuck Wilson, 199; Veteran, Tom Cecil, 200; Senior Veteran, John Wardell, 199; Lady1, Amy Petkovich, 189; Lady2, Peggy Wise, 196.

Event #5: Doubles Championship

Champion, Matthew Begley, 99; Class AA, Jeffrey Schlichter, 98; Class A, Kevin Dawson, 97; Class B, Michael Roese, 94; Class C, D.R. Petrovich, 91; Class D, Norman Day, 87; Sub Junior, Brady Welsh, 95; Junior, Ryan Minyo, 98; Junior Gold, Elizabeth Ternes, 94; Sub Veteran, Russell Hastings, 99; Veteran, Tom Cecil, 96; Senior Veteran, Ken Berger, 96; Lady1, Justine Nussbaum, 86; Lady2, Peggy Wise, 82.

Event #6: Handicap Championship

Champion, William Rike, 98; Runner-Up, Tony Homan, 98;; Third Place, Larry Wright, 97; Sub Junior, Brady Welsh, 95; Junior, Ryan Minyo, 93; Junior Gold, Elizabeth Ternes, 97; Sub Veteran, Russell Hastings, 98; Veteran, Robert Shaffer, 95; Senior Veteran, David Brusman Jr., 97; Lady1, Justine Nussbaum, 97; Lady2, Peggy Wise, 95.

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