The 11 Cardington FFA officers and Advisor Erin Wollett held their annual Officers’ Retreat on June 29-30 at Hocking Hills.

Once they arrived they visited WalMart to shop for food that was needed to prepare meals for the stay and they ate lunch at Subway. Once back to the cabin they began with team bonding meetings.

The weekend was filled with group activities and bonding moments led by Tiara Snyder, president; Johnny Levings, vice president and Ms. Wollett.

There were many serious times along with lots of fun. There were more serious times when the officers brainstormed goals and an agenda for the chapter for the entire year and a variety of other tasks.

The officers all had a wonderful time playing games, hanging out and making new friendships during their stay at the Bear Fork Lodge.

The are looking forward to another fun and eventful year.

Attending the session were Johnny Levings, Mac Warren, Alicia McElwee, Daniel Kill, Marissa Hall, Lauren Hall, Allison Ames, Tiara Snyder, Elizabeth Crum, Nate Gardner and MaKenna McClure.

By Lauren Hall, Cardngton FFA reporter