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ALL-OHIO STATE FAIR BAND TO PERFORM – The All-Ohio State Fair Band, which was founded in 1925 and has continued to entertain fairgoers while providing educational and enriching experiences to all participants year after year, will perform as part of the Ashland Bicentennial Celebration on Aug. 6 at 8 p.m. at the Guy C. Myers Memorial Band Shell.

The All-Ohio State Fair Band consists of high school students from throughout the state. The band last performed in Ashland on July 31, 2003. It is expected that there will be 205 musicians on stage during the Aug. 6 free performance.

The performance will have special significance and a special display due to the tie to Ashland through the All-Ohio State Fair Band historian Weldon Carpenter, who is a 1954 graduate of Ashland High School and served as drum major at AHS.

TIFFIN NAMES NEW BOOKSTORE MANAGER – Follett Higher Education Group (FHEG), a 140 year old textbook provider, will manage the Tiffin University Bookstore beginning Monday, July 13.

Based in Woodridge, Illinois, FHEG distributes new, used, and digital textbooks through their BryteWave Platform and Rent-A-Text program.

According to Wes Kruger, Tiffin’s new Bookstore Manager, “BryteWave provides tools that will search entire text for specific information in a matter of seconds, take notes directly in the text, bookmark important pages, and highlight information for easy recall, and, dependent on the publisher, customers may have the try it before you buy it option.”

ROCKET DESIGN SEMINAR PLANNED – For one of its final public events of the summer, International Space University’s (ISU) 28th Space Studies Program (SSP15) invites the public to the Ohio University Airport near Albany to witness participants launch their mid-powered rocket designs on July 18, from 1-5:30 p.m.

Multiple rockets, each more than three feet long and capable of traveling more than 1,000 feet into the air, will be launched throughout the afternoon. SSP15 Director John Connolly, with Russ College of Engineering and Technology Dean Dennis Irwin, will emcee the event.

“The launch should be a fun experience for the community,” Connolly said. “Lots of kids launch small model rockets, but we’re going to be launching ‘mid-power’ rockets that use much bigger motors, produce a lot more fire and smoke at liftoff, and are spectacular to watch.”

Part of SSP15’s departmental activities, the project tasked participants with designing a rocket to reach a peak altitude of 1,000 feet and return a piece of cargo safely to the ground. To add an extra challenge, a fragile chicken egg and a miniature replica of an Athens Block brick will serve as the cargo.

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