Grange honors two at year-end meeting

Betty Miley was selected as the Williamsport Granger of the Year. // Courtesy Photo

The Williamsport Grange honored two community members at their Christmas Luncheon.

Donna Carver was selected as the 2015 Honoree and Betty Miley is the Granger of the Year.

Miley has been a member of Grange since 1979 when she joined Canaan Grange. When Canaan Grange closed in 1991, she joined Williamsport Grange. Betty has been a Granger for at least 36 years. Betty loves to help out at the Grange and is also Williamsport Grange’s Family Activities Chair and offers up some great reports at our regular Grange meetings. Betty exemplifies exactly what Grange is all about – helping Williamsport Grange to make the community a bit better. We thank you for everything you do for Williamsport Grange.

Honoree Donna Carver is not a Granger, but exhibits the heart and spirit of one. Through the years, she’s rolled up her sleeves countless times, getting involved with various organizations representing the welfare of animals, protection of the environment, advocating for children facing challenges, and ensuring that the voices of those in need are heard.

Originally from Johnstown, Pennsylvania, our Honoree has made Morrow County her home for more than 30 years. She chose the field of nursing to help others. Besides raising 3 children, this individual has been involved in a variety of organizations throughout the county and state. No matter what role she plays, she leads.

For the past 6 months, she has shared her talents with the Morrow County Historical Society by cleaning, plastering, painting, and organizing. She brings her vacuum, carpet cleaner, ladder, whatever is needed and gets to work. In just over 4 months, she has put in more than 250 hours working at the museum. This number does not include her time making phone calls, writing articles, giving tours and promoting the museum. She was working when others were home. Because of her dedication, professionalism, and vision, the Society has raised $25,000 this past summer for needed improvements and expenses.

If you need something done, no matter how big or small, Carver is the “go-to gal”. She can be counted on to hold up her end, faithfully fulfilling the duties of any activity or responsibility she accepts. Moreover, she’s always among the first to offer a kind word, to lighten things up with a laugh, or to lend a strong, steady and skilled hand where and when it’s needed most. Whatever she does, she strives to do well, demonstrating what being an outstanding citizen means by the way she lives her life.

Betty Miley was selected as the Williamsport Granger of the Year. // Courtesy Photo Miley was selected as the Williamsport Granger of the Year. // Courtesy Photo