Local group lauds Tiberi for climate step


An area chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby congratulated Rep. Pat Tiberi for joining the bipartisan House Climate Solutions Caucus.

“We urgently need bipartisanship to confront the threat of a warming planet, so Rep. Tiberi’s step forward by joining the Climate Solutions Caucus is impressive,” said Lindsey Kohlenburg, a Morrow County resident and member of the Delaware CCL chapter.

The Caucus currently has 58 members, half from each party. Representatives may join only when paired with someone from the other party.

Mike Schaal of Delaware CCL said the group has been meeting with Rep. Tiberi and staff since 2013 and have discussed the national group’s legislative proposal “carbon fee and dividend” — a steadily rising fee on carbon emissions with revenues returned to households.

In May, Rep. Tiberi said he “was intrigued,” and wanted to hear input “from all sides in the community.”

The CCL chapter convened a varied group of five business leaders who met with Mr. Tiberi at the Delaware Chamber of Commerce office in July. Jay Butera, a national CCL leader, and Jerry Taylor, the head of the libertarian Niskanen Center, also attended.

“There was open and thoughtful discussion; good questions were asked and informed responses were given, said CCL volunteer, Rich Bradley. At the end, Mr. Tiberi suggested a follow-up meeting in Washington.”

The group will continue to meet with Rep. Tiberi’s office, in discussions about a carbon fee and dividend plan as the fairest and most effective way to reduce carbon emissions across the entire economy, a news release states.