Browns defense lets them down in ugly loss to Dolphins


CLEVELAND — Cleveland Browns defense let them down badly in the 39-17 loss at the hands of the Miami Dolphins. Miami was able to do what it wanted through the air and on the ground. Star defensive end Myles Garrett had some interesting comments following the disappointing loss.

“(It) doesn’t matter if you’re ready to run through a wall if it’s in the wrong direction,” Garrett said following the loss. There is no way to know what Garrett is exactly talking about, but in this context, it seems like he’s talking about the preparation of the team.

Cleveland is now 3-6 on the season — the season isn’t over technically — but that feeling is in the air. The defense continues to be an issue. After looking to have it figured out against the Baltimore Ravens and Cincinatti Bengals, the defense regressed to it’s old ways against the Dolphins. Going forward it is not going to get any easier.

“We have to win the next two games. First, we have to win against the Bills and then we’ll get on to the next one. But if we’re looking to the future we’ll have to win both of them.”

Two tough games remain for the Browns until they get their franchise quarterback Deshaun Watson back. It’s going to take a complete 360 of performance from today to knock off either team. After today’s loss, there is no sign that Cleveland is ready for that.

By Brandon Little

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