County fair created lasting memories


Everywhere we turn, crisis is happening in our world; and the most common thread on any social media or news channel in recent months is negativity. How refreshing it has been this past week, to pause and escape to the county fair.

It was Morrow County’s 167th fair. Think about that, 167 years of rich history and heritage. Our fair dates back to a time when people loved to get together and celebrate. Kids celebrate what they have learned through 4-H, senior fair celebrates hard work and gives everyone the opportunity to show off crafts and best harvest.

The county fair was a time when community came together. Life’s busy schedules get in the way of friendships and fun, but for one week, the craziness is shifted to community and celebration. We make memories as a community. It’s fun to watch the curiosity and excitement in the eyes of little ones as they try something new. The fair is also a huge part of our county’s sustainability.

Families come to the fair to have fun, but I witnessed local businesses and community –minded individuals volunteer their time. I wonder how many volunteer hours of service are given during the week? These local businesses and individuals serve because they care about our community.

Hence, the reason why you should stay local and support the local business that gives so unselfishly to our community.

Sunday night the grandstand and hill were literally packed with fair goers; all there to see the Dukes of Hazzard Stunt Show. The Fair Board when out on a limb to try something new. The gamble was worth their effort.

At one point the massive crowd stood and sang together, God Bless the USA with cell phone flashlights swaying in the dark. I had goose bumps as I witnessed a community proclaim, “proud to be an American.” United for a moment in history; a Morrow County Fair memory I will never forget.

Our fair is over, but I can almost guarantee that planning is underway for 2018. In order for our county fair to be viable in the coming years, find ways to get involved. Be an exhibitor and invite others to exhibit. Volunteer your time. Help a child with their project.

Facilitate change in an effort to create a safe, positive fair experience. The fair is important for the heritage of our rural community.

Our county’s “mantra” is love life, live rural. Do you believe this? The best it yet to come for Morrow County. How will you make a difference?

— LeAnne Gompf