Portman continues push for Senate to pass anti-heroin bill

Staff report

On Wednesday, Senator Portman took to the Senate floor to continue to urge his colleagues to pass the Comprehensive Addiction & Recovery Act (S. 524). This bipartisan legislation is designed to ensure that federal resources are devoted to evidence-based education, treatment and recovery programs that work.

CARA has been backed by Obama Administration experts and more than 130 national anti-drug groups. CARA will be effective in combating the drug epidemic because it helps promote education and prevention so we can stop drug abuse before it begins.

Representatives with Portman says the bill promotes treatment alternatives and reverse overdoses, helps veterans, and helps women and babies, as Senator Portman wrote in the Washington Examiner this week.

Portman said in his floor speech today that he supports efforts to “add additional resources over and above what could be spent this year on CARA because I believe this is such an urgent problem, and I believe that it does rise to that level of being an emergency. That’s saying a lot. I’m a fiscal conservative, but that means it’s not paid for by offsetting other programs. It’s just additional funding because it is such an urgent need … at a minimum let’s get this done. This is an opportunity on a bipartisan basis to actually get something done to help people who are crying out for our help. Communities that need our help. Families that are being broken apart and need our help.”


Staff report