Hospice Memorial Service honors loved ones’ memories

Family members and friends including Lori Cardiff (with sun visor) and her father, George Shaffer, to the right, prepared to release a butterfly in memory of Ellen Shaffer, Lori’s mother and George’s wife. LeAnne Gompf | Morrow County Sentinel

Marty Cramer, Riverside Methodist Hospital Staff Chaplain, speaks to those attending the Butterfly Release service at Hospice. LeAnne Gompf | Morrow County Sentinel

Hospice Chaplain Jeff Slider gives the opening prayer at the Butterfly Release program. LeAnne Gompf | Morrow County Sentinel

Julia Blankenship, executive director of Hospice of Morrow County greets those attending the Butterfly Release service. LeAnne Gompf | Morrow County Sentinel

Ben Johnson, pianist, plays at the Butterfly Release program. LeAnne Gompf | Morrow County Sentinel

One of the butterflies released during the Hospice Butterfly Release service. LeAnne Gompf | Morrow County Sentinel

The butterfly is a symbol of many things to people, endurance, change, hope and life. Every year, Hospice of Morrow County, conducts A Celebration of Hope and Promise when they conduct the Garden Memorial Service and Butterfly Release.

This year the service was held at the Hospice facility on June 4.

Family members and friends gathered to hear comforting words and music before releasing butterflies that soared upward in the blue sky.

The welcome was given by Julie Blankenship, executive director and Chaplain Jeff Slider gave the opening prayer and later, read selectons from Psalms. The message (Reflection) was given by Marty Cramer, Chaplain with the Riverside Methodist Hospital Staff. Special Music was presented by the Edison Enterprise Baptist Church and Irene Roski, RN gave the reading “Final Flight.” Pianist was Ben Johnson.

The role call for the dedication and butterfly release was given by Brandi Courts, LSW and Roski.

All those in attendance then gathered around the Memorial Garden where Chaplain Slider gave the benediction after signaling the butterfly release.

The butterflies were provided by Gene Gompf, Gompf Funeral Service; Chad Snyder, Snyder Funeral Home, Mt Gilead and Clay Snyder, Devore-Snyder Funeral Home, Sunbury.

Refreshments were served following the service.

Remembered with a butterfly during this service were 109 people: Gary Slone, Gilbert Stotts, Anthony Lyons, Clifford Dillow, Klara McCormick Brent Ostrom, Ted Vaughen, Christina Bago, Charles Cox, Norman Weber, Sandra Meyers, Donna Steelman, James Waulk, Donna Reeve, Arthur Hoepf, Glema Paugh, Jennifer Shaw, Herman Barnett, June Lanum, James Foster, Fred Osborne, James Dawson, Arthur Morlan, Karen Barber, Jack Porter, John Keith, Lawrence Orcena, Barbara Smith, Loren Levering, Eleanor Dunbar, Clara Collins, Ronald Osborne, Dixie Stafford, Kenneth Ruth, David Rank, Terry Rush, Harriett Ward, David Lester, Ronald Brown, Paul Knotts, Patricia Shoewalter, Richard Hines, Frank Vittorio, Glenn Blanton, Donald Refinati, John Pennington, David Durrett, Vonnie Hull, Walter Moore, Ladonna Guy, Wilbur Lemcke, Herman Ericson, Larry Chafin, Elaine Keirns, Dolores McGary, Michelle (Albright) Foust, Shawn Johnson, Rosemary Deel, Norman Williams, Don Meola, Charles Herd, Ray Preece, Virginia Caldwell, Frank Andrick, Vern Jordan, Warren Gordon, Eula Bolden, Carole Dowler, Virginia Shipman, Linda Hoffner, Joseph Fleming, Mary Graham, Ruth Robertson, Mary McMahon, Franklin Barton, Howard Ludwig, Ellen Shaffer, Wade Sutherland, Richard Pickens, Suzanne French, Susan Westphal, Cheyanne Ritchey, Donald Kranston, Ike Patton, Raymond Muffley, George Cubbage, Ivan Sipes, Sandy Shinaberry, Connie Underwood, Bobbie Green, Bill Peavy, Skylar Eastep, Karen Auch, Willard and Aida Auch, Libby Hensley, Lonnie Metz, Sue Burkhardt, Christina Bago, Brenda Dye, June Gompf, Lucille Francis, Mike Moore, Ray Moore, Dale Whited, Vonnie Moore, Jeff Shader and Joseph and Betty Marion.

Evelyn Long is a correspondent with the Morrow County Sentinel and can be reached at [email protected]