Cardington-Lincoln Spelling Bee

By Evelyn Long - For the Sentinel

The Cardington-Lincoln School recently held its District Spelling Bee with students in grades four, five and seven participating.

To determine the top five spellers, two spell offs were conducted which ran for ten rounds.

The top five spellers are Makynzie Boggs, Kaylynne Barlow, Damon Boggs, Mason Baker, and Hayze Hardwick, Hardwick fourth grade, is Cardington’s top speller.

Others participating in the spelling bee were, Alayna Seavolt, Kaylee Teets and Madison Toombs, seventh grade; Hailey Babbs, Abram Lancaster, Lily Moodispaugh, and Paxton Morris-Montgomery, fifth grade; and Blake Goble, Marcella Hess, Addison Long, Ben Parfitt, Brynn Segaard and Brayden Webb, fourth grade. No sixth or eighth grade students participated in the bee.

Jillian Kaufman, fourth grade teacher and spelling bee coordinator, served as the pronouncer.

Judges were Jennifer Zierden, Curriculum coordinator, Emily Rhodes, fifth grade ELA teacher and Lori Levings, fourth grade teacher.

The top five spellers will be competing in the Morrow and Crawford Counties spelling bee during the school day, Thursday, January 19.

By Evelyn Long

For the Sentinel