Mayor’s court hears 10 cases


CARDINGTON — The following cases were considered during the June 6 session of Cardington Mayor’s Court on June 7, 2022.

1. Jeffrey D. Hickman, Ashley, driving under suspension, overtaking passing to the right, guilty, assessed fines and costs

2. Jayden R. James, Mount Gilead, speed 35 mph in municipality, guilty, paid waiver

The following cases were determined in the June 20,2022 session of Cardngton Mayor’s Court.

1. Katelyn S. Bash, Cardington, speed 35 mph municipality, guilty, paid waiver

2. Africo L. Cherubin, Akron, use of local streets, guilty, paid waiver

3. Mackenzie J. Cox, Cardington, speed in school zone, guilty, paid waiver

4. Terry L. Edwards, Edison, expired/unlawful license plates, guilty, paid waiver

5. Lisa M. Likens, speed, 35 mph in municipality, gulty, paid waiver

6. Victoria E. Mull, Marion, full time and attention, guilty, paid waiver

7. Ronnie Parsons, Cardington, expired/unlawful plates and transfer of owner registration, guilty, paid waiver

8. Faith M. Rife, Marion, speed 35 mph in municipality, guilty, paid waiver

9. Craig C. Whitney, Mount Gilead, expired/unlawful plates, guilty, paid waiver

10. Brandon J. Zahn, Cardington,, speed 35 mph in municipality, and seatbelt/driver, guilty, paid waiver