Edison patrol car sells; council considers open house at muny building

By Alberta Stojkovic - For the Morrow County Sentinel

The September Edison Village Council meeting began with a report from Street Commissioner Jerry Reeder. He said many hours have been spent on clean-up of the foreclosed property by the railroad. Another project the street department has worked on is the retrieval of the bell from in front of Edison School.

Reeder asked for $39.99 to be approved for the sand materials used by John Roberts who cleaned and polished the bell. He said that Roberts had contributed his services for the work and only asked for payment for the sand used. Reeder said they are building a platform for the bell so it can be placed in the Edison Municipal Building.

The brass bell from the school was cast in 1882 by the G.W. Coffin Co. in Cincinnati. Reeder said their bells were known for being well finished and very smooth. They have a good tone and a unique mounting with a large hole in the top of the bell with a disc used to hold the bell to the yoke. Reeder said the Historical Society believes the Baptist Church in Mount Gilead may have the same type bell from the same company.

Council Member Patti Feustal suggested that the Council have an Open House this fall. She recommended that they invite the village residents and anyone who is interested to see the bell and other memorabilia from the school that will soon be on display in the Municipal Building.

Reeder said that they will soon need a new mower, but he will wait until January when he is more likely to get a better price. He said he has also been monitoring the amount of gasoline used by the street department. The old truck is averaging 9.9 gal per mile at about 100 miles per week. They used about 42 gallons of gas last month for the truck.

Council Member Sherry Crawford asked what information the council should be considering if Issue 3 for the legalization of Marijuana passes. She said she has some concern in case the growth would be near the ball fields or where children would have access.

Village Attorney Denise Martin said she will look into what other cities and villages are doing. She said it is possible that that growth could be kept out of certain areas, but they may not be able to stop it completely in the village.

Clerk Treasurer Bruce Seaburn reported that the Edison Patrol car had been successfully sold on www.govdeals.com. They received payment of $11,600.00. It was sold to the Byesville, Ohio Police Dept. in Guernsey County.

Council approved payment of bills for August in the amount of $7,446.58 and for Sept. to date of $4,283.63. Seaburn said that State Auditors are presently working on auditing the accounts.

The next meeting of the Edison Village Council will be on Monday, October 12 at 7 p.m. in the Edison Municipal Building.

Alberta Stojkovic is a correspondent with the Morrow County Sentinel and can be reached at [email protected]

By Alberta Stojkovic

For the Morrow County Sentinel