County Road 26, Bennington Township, Jeffrey and Tracie Loudermilk to Walter and Theresa Miller, $78,500.

31 E. Noble St., Marengo, Derek Bower to David Coleman, $113,800.

19 E. Walnut St., Marengo, Robert and Crystal Hinkle to Joshua and Stephanie Hinkle, $62,500.

2777 State Route 529, Cardington Township, Vicki Wise Living Trust to HAWC Homes LLC, $138,000.

319 W. Main St., Cardington, Andrew Meade to Timothy and Gretchen Nye, $159,900.

329 E. Main St., Cardington, Dakota Robinson to Marcus Durbin, $255,900.

Washington Street, Cardington, Leslie Toy to Edward and Danyle Lechler, $5,000.

114 Nichols St., Cardington, Glenn Yaeger to Andrew Cochran and Paige Artz, $137,900.

County Road 23, Chester Township, Eric Jones to Alvin and Fannie Miller, $70,000.

6968 State Route 95, Chester Township, Raymond Doherty Living Trust to John and Linda Millington, $185,000.

7181 County Road 183, Chester Township, Drew Norris to Daniel and Emily Schaeufele, $215,000.

7453 State Route 19, Congress Township, William Creighton to Phillip and Angela Chafin, $60,000.

Lot 21, Congress Township, Patti Ray to Ernest and Laura Mazzaferri, $125,000.

Lot 83, Congress Township, Diana Stegall to Paul andJulie Kiebler, $6,500.

Lots 254, 255, Congress Township, Levi Hostetler to Andrew and Katelin Baughman, $249,900.

7362 Township Road 119, Franklin Township, Levi and Sara Raber to Hunter Creech and Emily Hartley, $265,000.

6880 County Road 109, Franklin Township, Michael and Marie Gustafson to Raymond and Rebecca McTaggart, $332,000.

112 Enterprise St., Edison, Edison Village to Timothy Hass, $40,000.

5867 Township Road 103, Gilead Township, David and Mary Broadwater to Christopher and Danielle Thompson, $247,500.

State Route 61, Gilead Township, Sam and Katie Troyer to Jerry and Ruby Smith, $64,000.

251 Lincoln Ave., Mount Gilead, Chad and Mikelann McCarty to Walter and Diane Malys, $180,900.

129 S. Cherry St., Mount Gilead, Austin Kern to Philip Scaff, $95,000.

4960 County Road 25, Harmony Township, Cynthia Kinder to Michael Colwell, $67,500.

County Road 20, Harmony Township, Donley Gaddis to Chad and Mikelann McCarty, $350,000.

5373 Township Road 187, Harmony Township, Joey Bartlett to Michael Harris and Erin Powers, $479,900.

5387 Township Road 187, Harmony Township, Christopher and Megan Delgenio to Jeffrey and Jennifer Hart, $365,000.

4480 County Road 124, Harmony Township, Fred DeMatteis to Joe Hurtt, $115,200.

2750 Township Road 155, Lincoln Township, Robert Goheen to Brandon Bryant, $425,000.

9766 County Road 40, North Bloomfield Township, Elsie Randolph to Larry Carothers Jr., $223,000.

2692 Township Road 224, Peru Township, Aarika and Joseph Thornberry to Jason and Elisabeth Kelley, $250,000.

1593 Township Road 166, Peru Township, Bruner Land Company Inc. to Harold DeVault and Harold DeVault Jr., $64,000.

803 Township Road 205, South Bloomfield Cemetery Township, Kenneth and Candala Rogers to Timothy and Casey Webb, $240,000.

7829 County Road 37, Troy Township, Eckert #1 LLC to Robert and Megan Boner, $157,000.

8030 State Route 61, Washington Township, Susan Mangrum et al to Ronald and Rebecca Voorheis, $33,000.

1884 County Road 156, Westfield Township, Scott and Michele May to William and Anna Mullins, $70,000.

3288 State Route 42, Westfield Township, James and Vonda Jones to Andrew and Jennifer Meade, $355,000.

Source: Morrow County Auditor

Source: Morrow County Auditor