3889 State Route 229, Bennington Township, Tommy Graham to Millard and Nancy Fisher, $32,652.

1140 TR 208, Bennington Township, William Pettijean to Jeffrey and Heather Minor, $200,000.

2260 CR 63, Canaan Township, Jacob and Shad Acker to Daniel Workman, $125,100.

4411 State Route 42, Cardington Township, Olen L. Kaelber to Joseph and Shawnna Ioffredo, $250,000.

118 Morgan St., Cardington, Melissa Snider to Andrew and Courtney Parker, $145,500.

204 E. Main St., Cardington, Troy Landon to Brandon and Heather Moodispaugh, $152,500.

112 Lowenstein Lane, Cardington, Buckeye Community Hope 5 LP to Amanda Brewer, $104,313.

3391 TR 190, Chester Township, Beech Properties LLC to Darren Taylor, $215,000.

State Route 19, Congress Township, Thomas Speelman to Jonathan Klug, $72,000.

Lots 60-61, Congress Township, Jordan Beard to Christopher and Katelyn CAssidy, $5,000.

Lots 254-255, Congress Township, Candlewood Lake Association to Grant and Jegan Warren, $13,500.

Lot 12, Congress Township, James and Cheri Sagona to Daniel and Julie Sherrer, $145,000.

Lots 5-6, Congress Township, Wendell and Charlene Short to Jay and Bernadette Lindquist, $20,000.

Lots 354-355, Congress Township, Timothy Byrd to Todd and Rebecca Byrd, $2,600.

Lots 38-39, Congress Township, Marcia Meeker to Charlotte and Jasn Moffett, $16,000.

Lots 51-52, Candlewood Lake Association to Tammi Riddlebarger, $6,000.

Lot 310, Congress Township, Calvin Loyer to Anthony Firstenberger and Lisa Sherman, $3,000.

Lot 202, Congress Township, Patricia Fruth to Dale and Calina Barry, $7,000.

Lot 209, Congress Township, Steven and Teresa Heeter to Kenneth Krupinski, $3,300.

Lot 287, Congress Township, Ken Spencer to Patrick Fojas, $30,000.

5220 TR 117, Franklin Township, Anthony and Elizabeth Donnelly to Ryan and Jessica Kohan, $314,000.

State Route 61, Gilead Township, Michael Carano to Byron Conrad, $56,900.

4400 TR 112, Gilead Township, Danaiel or Ethel Sutherland, trustees, to Andrew and Hannah Stillwell, $38,000.

4459 TR 75, Gilead Township, Robert and Sue Snyder to Timothy Helfrich, $280,000.

Elmcrest rear, Mount Gilead, Lois Weston to Harold and Judith Poore, $59,500.

139 E. Marion St., Mount Gilead, Dobby Contracting LLC toTaylor Doubikin, $184,000.

160 E. Union St., Mount Gilead, Monica Swank to Sean and Beth Kelley, $102,000.

367 N. Delaware St., Mount Gilead, John Shade to Steven and Samantha McFarland $82,000.

CR 184, Harmony Township, William and Susan Muenchow to Robert and Ashley Wellman, $450,000.

2242 CR 26, Harmony Township, Cierra Stewart to Keith and Gina Kokinda, $193,000.

2260 CR 26, Harmony Township, Nicholas and Courtney Long to Steven and Lisa Crane, $275,000.

2519 CR 26, Harmony Township, George Owens Jr. to Kevin and Heather Lantz, $83,500.

5445 CR 25, Harmony Township, Cynthia Kinder to Edgar and Brooke Geiger, $131,000.

3810 CR 114, Harmony Township, Gregory and Cindy Johnson to Joseph and Anna Stossel, $47,500.

3504 State Route 529, Lincoln Township, Anthony McCabe to Nathan and Chariann Leiter, $230,000.

107 W. Main St., Fulton, Amber Thompson and Christopher Keller to Jerry and Jeanie Stephens, $43,000.

6401 CR 29, North Bloomfield Township, Lee Ann Shirley to Anthony and Taylor Booher, $136,000.

7551 CR 29, Perry Township, Dennis Fidler to Kila Ginter, $22,000.

1575 TR 166, Peru Township, Bruner Land Company Inc. to Tim and Tonya Helman, $55,500.

TR 166, Peru Township, Bruner Land Company Inc. to Christopher and Kelly Paykoff, $123,900.

Source: Morrow County Auditor.

Source: Morrow County Auditor.