Hospital board discusses expansion of members

By Alberta Stojkovic - The Sentinel

MOUNT GILEAD — In a special meeting of the Appointing Authority of the Morrow County Hospital Board Monday morning, the three members of the board present, the Morrow County Commissioners, discussed expanding the hospital board from eight members to 10.

There were 25 to 30 who crowded into the commissioners’ room to question the motion.

Commissioner Tom Whiston suggested that if they have questions or wish to be on the meeting agenda, they contact the clerk, Cheryl Heacock [email protected],[email protected]

Susie Peyton questioned the legality of the meeting since there was short notice. Leann Maceyko asked about the qualifications to be a board member.

Burgess Castle said that the Appointing Authority had the primary responsibility for eligibility and the county prosecutor has the final review for board members. Commissioners emphasized that their primary goal is to have improved and excellent healthcare in the county. They said they are disappointed that they have not been able to meet with the hospital board in mediation or to have information that should be public without lawsuits.

Commissioners were upset by the implication by trustee attorney Bill Mattes that they would in some way benefit financially from this effort to seek good healthcare.

They noted that the information he gave that the Avita Health System board members were paid $50,000 was false. The entire Avita board is budgeted $50,000, but Avita board members are not paid.

By Alberta Stojkovic

The Sentinel