Court News for Sept. 9

Marriage Licenses

Jason Murray Hubley, 41, Cardington, to Jami Lynn Cox, 30, Cardington, Home Maker.

Johnathon Allen Prater, 23, Mt. Gilead, Laborer to Tanner Calynne Ridgeway, Mt. Gilead, Home Maker.

Chad Allen Caudy, 25, Fulton, Technician to Denelle Nickole Billman, 26, Fulton, Medical Assistant.

Micah Adam Swanson, 22, Cardington, EMT to Kaylee Danielle Baker, 22, Cardington, Nanny.

Edward Joseph Aloysius Manders, 28, Cardington, Self-Employed to Stefene Lynn Adams, 26, Cardington, Childcare.

Randall Gilbert Larrick, 38, Caldwell, Highway Dept. to Whitney Leigh Rossiter, 29, Caledonia, Medical Lab Tech.

David Mondes Webb, 27, Marengo, Warehouse Manager to Lyndsey Marie Gregerson, Marengo, Office Manager.

Shawn Michael Spiers, 29, Marengo, General Laborer to Christina Marie Cooper, 26, Marengo, Dental Assistant.

Robert Kenneth Startzman Jr., 61, Marengo, Grocery to Susan Jean Schmidt, 59, Marengo, Personal Banker.

Michael Eugene Coleman, 50, Galion, Mechanic to Melanie Eve Wolf, 49, Galion, Office Supervisor.

Real Estate


Delbert Lawhun to Matthew Farrell; 6075 S.R. 95, Mt. Gilead, Gilead Twp. for $105,000.

Christopher Weaver to Joel Nutt; 2.00 acres at 3208 C.R. 21, Marengo, Peru Twp. for $209,900.

Diane Krumm to Robert Smith; Unit 8, Lot 266, Candlewood, Congress Twp. for $180,400.

Lajagn Berry to Justin Tate; Unit 4, Lot 128, Candlewood, Congress Twp. for $6,000.

Clarence Short to Nicole Fox; 5.02 acres on C.R. 25 and C.R. 169, Lincoln Twp. for $136,000.

John Wallace to Tiffany Stoneburner; 2.00 acres on C.R. 21, Westfield Twp. for $166,000.


Glenn Lehner Trustee to David Shroyer; 5.20 acres on S.R. 529, Cardington Twp. for $101,000.

Martin Callahan to Sam Osborne; 0.826 acres on S.R. 61 to C.R. 124, Gilead Twp. for $129,000.


Trevor Hershner to Leigh Conant, Candlewood, Congress Twp. for $78,900.

Donald Frye to Diane Fitzpatrick; Unit 6, Lot 73, Candlewood, Congress Twp. for $20,000.

Donnie Honaker to Thomas Harris; 5.614 acres on T.R. 115, Franklin Twp. for $190,000.


Henry Smith III to Vernon Kinsinger; 5.11 acres on T.R. 180, Chester Twp. for $240,000.

Patricia Parks to Shawn Riley; 29.07 acres on T.R. 198, South Bloomfield Twp. for $230,000.


Charles Reutter to Stephen Marquis; T.R. 99, Gilead Twp. for $290,000.

Robert Fuson to Kent Keesee; 1.009 acres on T.R. 111, Gilead Twp.

Wayne Fryer to Patrick Baker; 8831 C.R. 46, Galion, North Bloomfield Twp. for $155,000.

James Oakes to Kenneth Sword; 1.898 acres on T.R. 26, Harmony Twp. for $198,000.

Janis Philbrook to Ratree Brattin; Lot 390, G20-006-00-086-00, Village of Mt. Gilead, Gilead Twp. for $53,000.


Wayne Leonard to Christy Roark; 5.11 acres on T.R. 187, Harmony for exempt.

John Morrison to William Klair; Unit 5, Lot 172, Candlewood, Congress Twp. for $99,900.

Candlewood Lake Assn. to Terillee Evans; Unit 4, Lot 358, Candlewood, Congress Twp. for $6,400.

Candlewood Lake Assn. to Anita Hehl; unit 4, Lot 371, Candlewood, Congress Twp. for $5,150.

Candlewood Lake Assn. to Lejagn Berry; Unit 4, Lot 327, Candlewood for $5,150.

Small Claims

Morrow County Federal Credit Union, Mt. Gilead vs Joseph Conner, Mt. Gilead, $470.95 money only.

Morrow County Federal Credit Union, Mt. Gilead vs Carol Holt, Cardington, $350.28 money only.

Teresa Stopher, Cardington vs Brett Albright, Cardington, $1500 money only.