Brooke Clapham - FFA reporter

The Cardington FFA Chapter hosted their freshman orientation on Aug. 26 which was followed by the chapter’s annual pool party.

During the freshman orientation the officer team split into pairs based on their offices. Prior to the orientation, the officers planned either a team building activity or leadership game for the freshmen participation.

The new members were the able to meet their “FF-Amilies.” This is a new program the chapter started a few years ago when all the new members split into groups of 3-4 and are assigned to an officer.

Throughout the year the officer is to ensure that the members have guidance and answer any questions they may have. Then each family rotated in their groups to each officer station where they got to participate in the planned game or activity. Chapter members headed to the Cardington Swimming Pool for the pool party.

During the party, chapter members hung out, swim and concluding the evening, they participated in a belly smacking contest. All contestants in the contest got to pie an officer in the face. The chapter is very excited for the upcoming year and ready for the next event.

Brooke Clapham

FFA reporter