Public hearing scheduled for Cardington street zoning

During the June 1 meeting of Cardington Village Council it was reported that a public hearing will be held July 20 regarding the changing of the zoning status at 123 Gilead Street from an R-1 residential to a B-l business. It was explained that Tim Hack has applied for the zoning change for the installation of a car wash. Mayor Susie Peyton explained this was brought before the Planning and Zoning Committee on May 21. A recommendation was not made either way as it was brought to council for the hearing date.

In other matters, Police Chief John Hinton presented a letter of resignation from full time police officer Mark Colburn effective June 22. He explained he has taken a post with the sheriff’s department.

The mayor gave the authority to advertise to fill this position. She commented that Colburn will be missed.

Hinton reported his department had taken 427 calls for service this year and had taken 440 at this same time last year.

The Police Department had participated in the Click it or Ticket it Campaign which ended June 1.

The tasers that were ordered through Vance’s in Columbus had arrived.

He also noted the department’s participation in the Memorial Day parade.

Gary Goodman, fire chief, said the department had made 78 calls this year which is down from last year. He said the all the oil has been changed in the vehicles.

Deb Fry, Fiscal Officer, submitted the bills to be paid the total, $17,763.89 approved by council. She pointed out several of the items including the Mattix Garage payment of $210 for small repair to F550; $1460.53 to Orange Coast Pneumatics for Repair parts for the WTP; $2,250 to Renergy (formerly Ringlers) for dry sludge removal – 3 loads.

She added that there was a $131,000 deposit from RITA which was higher than usual.

A note of thanks had been received from the Cardington Beautification Committee in appreciation of the village’s donation to their cause.

Responding to a request for an visit from the representative of the Gas Aggregation cause, council, after discussion, decided against the appearance.

Village Manager Danny Wood said his department had patched holes, completed the river crossing pipe along with an additional fire hydrant that is near 111 North Fourth Street and ordered new softener valves.

He said W W Williams had completed the annual generator maintenance in the village’s four generators. Three loads of sludge had been hauled from the WWTP, the mosquito sprayer was calibrated and Ray Jenkins worked on the JCB that was lacking in power. He found a loose fuel line.

The sanitary sewer line crossing the road from CYT to Singing Springs had been jetted and a sewer camera was used to check the condition of the pipe. The pipe has a high spot in it.

CYT repaired the leaking sewer lateral from Family Dollar to the village sewer main.

Mayor Susie Peyton thanked the street department, Cheyenne Tim and Clint for sprucing the village up so meticulously for the Memorial Day parade. She also thanked the Friends of Cardington and Post 97 for a very successful parade and noted the teachers at the school were especially happy with the bike contest as it generated a lot of excitement and interest from the students and gave the teachers the opportunity to discuss Memorial Day.

Excused absences were granted Council members Vicki Wise and Heather Deskins from this meeting.

Council will meet next on June 15 at 7 pm.

Evelyn Long is a correspondent with the Morrow County Sentinel and can be reached at [email protected]