Cardington raises held off due to COVID-19

By Evelyn Long - The Sentinel

CARDINGTON — The effect of the COVID-19 virus was evident when Village Council met Monday, May 18.

Finance Officer Deb Fry explained the COVID-19 Cares Act with information received from the Morrow County auditor and the Ohio Municipal League that there is a possibility that small cities and villages, may be eligible for funding to help offset virus-related expenses.

She said it has passed the U.S. Senate and is in the House of Representatives.

“It is not clear when the money would be available but all money received must be spent specifically for Covid-19 expenses,” she said. She explained this does not include lost revenues from utilities, this is part of the CARES Act.

Because of the unknown revenue impacts of COVID-19, council agreed with the recommendation of the mayor, village administrator and fiscal officer that all budgeted raises be suspended for the year.

She also advised council that a notice from the Morrow County Auditor stated that the budget commission of Morrow County voted to reduce the gas tax revenues by 20 percent. An amended budget reflecting this reduction will be required by the auditor’s office by July 10 and will be presented to council at the June 1 meeting.

In other business:

• Danny Wood, village administrator, updatede council on the sidewalk that was to be installed from Fourth Street to Cardington Yakaka Technologies. Council agreed that due to the current state of the economy due to the pandemic, the project has been postponed.

• Bills totaling $91,984.56 were approved and included $1,750 for traffic light batteries and $15,901.50 for the Street Barn loan payment.

• Council adopted A new policy for water and sewer usage council and agreed to charge no late fees. It was stressed that this is only until the governor lifts the no-shut-off order.

• Approved first reading of an ordinance authorizing the transfer of the unclaimed fund balance of $269.66 to the General Fund.

• Approved legislation certifying to the county auditor for inclusion on the tax duplicate the amounts owed to the village for delinquent water and sewer charges.

• Fire Chief Gary Goodman reported the siren has been repaired and in working order. He noted he had placed showers in the fire house. He said 60 flags have been placed on the grave sites of former members of the Cardington Fire Department.

There was discussion concerning the renewal or replacement of the village fire levy, which council determined should be replacement. Cardington Township’s levy is due for vote in 2021 and Lincoln Township’s in 2023.

• Council agreed that the Cardington Fire Department fill the swimming pool as they have in the past. The pool will open in June.

• Approved easements for the properties located at 144 and 145 Kenny Lane. A small portion of these new homes is located on the village right of way. There is an ongoing discussion being held to change new construction permit requirement so this does not happen in the future.

• Wood said the electric has been updated in the Community Building and also at Maxwell Park.

Mayor Peyton said she is “proud of the village and everyone working above and beyond . “|Good things in spite of the bad things are coming out of this.” She cited the work of the food pantry, seeing parents and kids together and being a community.

• Council will meet on June 1.

By Evelyn Long

The Sentinel