4125 CR 15, Bennington Township, James and Erin Lott to Kevin Lewis and Carrie Zeroski, $243,000.

5356 TR 211, Bennington Township, Rodeo Builders LLC to Roger and Myrna Santille, $265,000.

54 TR 209, Bennington Township, Yuriy and Lyudmila Predibaylo to Steve McClary and Penny Miller, $184,900.

3764 TR 178, Chester Township, Mary Ann Layton to Eli and Ella Miller, $390,000.

72 N. Portland St., Chesterville, Steven and Jenny Thompson to Jerry and Jeanie Stephens, $75,000.

6829 SR 42, Congress Township, Ronnie and Patricia Conn to KAJJ LLC, $30,000.

Lots 89, 90, 91, Congress Township, Robert and Jeraldine Deffendoll to Patricia Factor, $148,500.

Lots 257, 258, Congress Township, Mary Jane Cremeans to Jonas and Bailey Clawson, $43,500.

Lots 300, 301, 302, Congress Township, Patricia Factor to Eric and Jessica Schnabel, $255,000.

Lots 145, 146, Congress Township, James and Dulce Condron to Gregory and Jenelle Zelinski, $330,000.

Lot 226, Congress Township, Richard and Connie Sigler to Cori Neil, $5,000.

4045 TR 178, Franklin Township, Eli and Ella Miller to Lee Clark and Sharon Rush, $139,900.

5029 TR 117, Franklin Township, Sheila S. Wachtel trustee, Triple J Living Trust to Christopher and Amber Stewart, $197,000.

217 Hill St., Edison, James Coots to Lorin Campbell, $122,000.

5948 CR 76, Gilead Township, David Reppart to Kyle and Laura Laramore, $160,000.

344 Douglas St., Mount Gilead, Your Price Homes LLC to Lorri Roberts, $108,000.

624 Whetstone Drive, Mount Gilead, RJS Construction Services LLC to Anitra Van Horn, $230,000.

4959 TR 191, Harmony Township, Enoch Adkins Jr. to William and Marcia Cremeans, $85,000.

4264 CR 124, Harmony Township, Phyllis Eckard to Brandy Myers, $85,000.

2038 CR 24, Lincoln Township, Martha Massey to Justin Snider, $76,000.

3866 SR 61, Lincoln Township, Christine Zerby to Michaela McSweeney and Corey Hart, $149,000.

8297 CR 20, North Bloomfield Township, Matthew and Paula Mackey to Jaime Wenger, $190,000.

6990 W TR 90, Perry Township, Dannie and Amanda Troyer to Christopher Casey, $113,400.

CR 22, Perry Township, Bruce and Kathy Lanker, trustees, to Clara Flucke, trustee, $248,122.

7479 SR 42, Perry Township, Nathan and Kelli Gillam to Douglas and Patricia Baron, $19,000.

80 TR 16, South Bloomfield Cemetery Township, Janice Hendrickson et al to Angel Coots, $148,000.

6359 TR 199, South Bloomfield Cemetery Township, Tyson Carter and Haley Hanawalt to Andrew D’Angelo and Victoria Shand, $201,000.

8191 TR 55, Troy Township, Brent Stooksbury to Tony Call and Stacie Simpkins, $157,000.

7576 CR 30, Washington Township, Treah Wright to Phillip and Mary Gaida, $139,900.

7222 CR 30, Washington Township, Torppa Keystone Preservation Trust to Andrew and Sarah Creswell, $400,000.

Source: Morrow County Auditor

Source: Morrow County Auditor