Extension, EMS levies pass; Brucker wins mayor seat

By Alberta Stojkovic - The Sentinel



MOUNT GILEAD — Several from the Morrow County OSU Extension levy committee gathered to watch election results and celebrate as the numbers added up in their favor Tuesday evening.

“We couldn’t have done it without all the help from everyone,” said Extension Levy Committee member Betty May.

“It was a huge team effort,” said Extension Educator Amanda Forquer.

“Oh my gosh, we are thrilled,” added Extension Educator Candace Heer. “We are happy to be able to serve the county another five years.”

The Extension renewal levy of 2 mills for five years won comfortably with 4,895 or 68.56 percent for and 2,245 or 31.44 percent against.

The EMS renewal levy of 2 mills for five years passed with 5088 votes, or 71.19 percent for the levy and 2059 or 28.81 percent against. The additional 1 mill EMS levy passed with a closer margin of 192 votes with 51.35 percent or 3653 votes for and 48.65 percent or 3461 against.

“I am absolutely ecstatic that people in the county stepped up to support our EMS and Extension,” said Morrow County Commissioner Warren Davis.

Davis also noted that all the township levies for roads, fire and cemeteries passed with the exception of Perry Township’s cemeteries additional 0.4 mills for 5 years, which failed with 127 votes for and 182 votes against.

A couple contested races in the county were in the Mount Gilead mayoral race and the Gilead Township Trustee seat.

Jamie Brucker unseated Mike Porter in his bid for a third term with 488 votes or 68.25 percent for and 227 or 31.75 for Porter.

“I look forward to serving our village of Mount Gilead as the next Mayor and thank you all for your support during this election,” said Brucker.

Brucker currently serves as President of Village Council. His election creates an opening for a seat on council.

Gilead Township Trustee Harry Arnold kept his seat with 802 votes over Richard Mitchell’s 425 votes.

Highland local School District additional 0.5 levy for classroom facilities was close with 1081, or 51.61 percent, for the levy and 1055 against the levy, passing by only 26 votes.

The Board of Election staff noted that voting was light with only 7,221 of the county’s 24,165 registered voters, or 29.88 percent casting a ballot.


By Alberta Stojkovic

The Sentinel