1675 CR 26, Bennington Township, Kaitlind Houck to Ralph Humphrey, $112,000.

4206 SR 529, Bennington Township, Walden Shinaberry Trust to Joseph and Shirley Porter, $115,000.

4949 TR 191, Bennington Township, HP Homes to Kyle and Ashley Kemper, $270,000.

425 TR 208, Bennington Township, Jonathan and Samantha Fichtner to Allen and Chimane Hess, $380,000.

6711 CR 28, Canaan Township, Justin and Callie Rogers to James Ullum Jr., $149,000.

7630 CR 64, Canaan Township, Leibengood Enterprises LLC to Carson Gibson, $225,000.

1760 SR 309, Canaan Township, Elizabeth Hunt to Savannah Jones, $134,900.

2135 CR 11, Cardington Township, Bonecutter Development LLC to Anthony and Dahlia Sellers, $175,000.

2772 CR 137, Cardington Township, Ernest Hatfield to Cole Teegarden, $128,000.

118 Morgan St., Cardington, William Burns to Melissa Snider, $125,000.

332 Waterford Place, Cardington, John Iofreddo to Justin and Jordan Ketcham, $217,500.

6714 SR 95, Chester Township, Charles and Jessica Carpenter to Gary and Patty Carwell, $110,000.

160 W. Sandusky St., Chesterville, Amy Arnett-Tomasek to Quincy Gibson, $110,610.

6531 TR 79, Congress Township, Delmer Rose to Trever Tobin, $48,000.

Lots 96-97, Congress Township, Candlewood Lake Association Inc. to Tamra Severe, $4,500.

Lot 17, Congress Township, Johanna Hansell and Jordan Burke to Frank and Christina Perry, $490,000.

Lot 118, Congress Township, Robert and Natasha Atkinson to Gary and Reagene Guthrie, $12,000.

Lot 215, Congress Township, Ronald and Susan Prince to David and Melinda Hane, $7,500.

Lots 287-288, Congress Township, Greshner Doyle Revocable Trust to Robert Tinch, $8,000.

Lot 684, Congress Township, Tina Hall and Joe Knece to Michael Burson, $2,800.

3222 TR 127, Gilead Township, Michael Carey to Jenna Beatty, $147,900.

3376 TR 127, Gilead Township, Robert Johnson to Billy Charles and Paula Thacker, $118,800.

5104 SR 42, Gilead Township, Margaret Turner and William Saylor to Jacob and Kristen Scott, $225,000.

4350 TR 110, Gilead Township, Carrington Mortgage Services LLC to David and Ann Styer, $84,000.

4611 CR 101, Gilead Township, Burson Family Trust to Michael Hoffman, $180,000.

4136 TR 99, Gilead Township, Brian Becker to Stephen Marquis and Janel Scarbrough, $50,000.

224 W. Marion St., Mount Gilead, Jed and Dawn Arrington to Michael and Audrey Gale, $76,000.

347 Highland Ave., Mount Gilead, Andrew Baughman to John Reed, $75,000.

114 S. Rich St., Mount Gilead, Dustin Richards and Laura Hawk to Hilary Ward, $103,000.

13 S. Main St., Mount Gilead, Dave Decker and Jack Hull to Bower Rentals, $50,000.

11 S. Main St., Mount Gilead, Hull Rentals LLC to Bower Rentals LLC, $100,000.

98 E. Marion St., Mount Gilead, Larry and Crystal James to Devin Hirn, $145,000.

142 N. Main St., Mount Gilead, Donald and Donna Artz to Larry and Crystal James, $225,000.

214 N. Cherry St., Mount Gilead, Andrew Weber to Michael Cherry, $95,523.

5355 TR 179, Harmony Township, HAWC Homes LLC to Brian and Jaime Kirby, $51,000.

4660 CR 25, Harmony Township, Bobby Wheeler to Jason and Rebecca and Bryant, $59,000.

3280 TR 184, Harmony Township, Maxine Harruff to Aden Troyer, $348,000.

5085 TR 191, Harmony Township, Thomas and Nancy Prose to Matthew and Kristy Tuttle, $419,000.

5091 TR 121, Harmony Township, Dennis and Jennifer Bennett to Tina Snyder, $275,00.

3475 CR 168, Lincoln Township, Bob McElroy Realty Inc. to John and Valerie Morris, $240,000.

3460 CR 24, Lincoln Township, Joanna Hoch to Robert and Tamara Potter, $34,000.

135 E. Main St., Fulton, Debra Holt to Nathan and Taylor Meade, $134,000.

6049 TR 49, North Bloomfield Township Briann Sampler to Raymond and Kaitlin Riggins, $164,900.

TR 80, Perry Township, Melvin Raber et al to Roman and Matty Yoder, $150,000.

7382 SR 42, Perry Township, Donna Oates, trustee, to James Carson Jr., $135,900.

7680 TR 87, Perry Township, John and Ella Byler to David and Alma Keim, $30,000.

166 CR 24, Peru Township, Gerard and Sharma Azzi to Kristie Triplett, $146,000.

673 TR 224, Peru Township, H3 Lots LLC to Timothy Hass, $156,000.

2899 SR 229, Peru Township, Vele Family Trust to Jerry Smith, $412,500.

7728 SR 229, South Bloomfield Township, Rick and Katrina Fox to Nathan Alwood, $267,600.

7102 CR 57, Troy Township, Jason Steward to Aaron and Sarah Cleveland, $252,500.

928 CR 148, Westfield Township, HP Homes LLC to Carl and Carol Ferguson, $262,500.

1360 TR 25, Westfield Township, Matthew Tuttle and Kristy Krivickas to Joshua and Lauren Nash, $212,000.

Source: Morrow County Auditor

Source: Morrow County Auditor