Reflections: Cardington home of state champs


By Evelyn Long - Contributing Columnist

I’m going to venture away from my usual focus on people or past village history and focus on an event of 40 years ago.

While reading through my usual snippets from the past I found that in July, 1979, forty years ago, Cardington Village Council authorized the placing of four signs under the four regular corporation signs leading in to Cardington.

Those signs proclaimed “Home of State Champs” 1979 baseball. This was such an honor I want to devote this week’s column to that team.

I vividly recall the bells ringing, the horns tooting and the excitement that a Cardington-Lincoln High School baseball team was a Class A State Champion, a first for the village and school. The team was celebrated with several events and 40 years later May 25, an open house was held on the high school athletic field to revisit that day.

That evening, Allen Rogers a member of the team, described to guests at the Cardington-Lincoln High School alumni party, the way the team won and the elation it brought.

The team had a 12-0 record and defeated Edgerton 1-0 to win the final.

Denny Landon hit a home run in the eighth inning of the game and Brian Jackson was the winning pitcher. Other team members were Scott Crum, Ron Kaelber, Kelly White, Dave Thomas, Keith Townsend, Mark Rogers, Tim Williamson, Danny Townsend, David Spires, Carl Craft, Carl Weiss, Greg Miller, and Mike Robinson. Coaches were Bill Clauss and John Harris.

That year, 1979, was a good year for sports programs at Cardington-Lincoln High School. For the second consecutive year the school won the All-Sports Trophy, given each year by WMRN radio to the school which had the best all-around sports program in the Mid-Ohio Conference.

Again, congratulations to this team for bringing honor and fame to the village and school.

Looking back

70 years ago: Repair of the dam in Whetstone Creek at the East Main Street bridge was begun. A total of 106 cubic yards of concrete were poured and two tons of steel reinforcing rods were used.

The New York Central Railroad furnished the materials for the concrete Cost of building the dam was a little over $4500.

A two room cottage on Glendale Avenue near the cemetery, owned by Amanda Fugget, was destroyed by fire early on July 12. Fire Chief Ralph Sanderson set the loss at $700. Cause was undetermined.

July, 1959: Morrow Lanes was scheduled to open Aug. 22 with ultra modern alleys, according to Walter Long, owner. There was to be no charge for bowling on that first day. Constructiom of the 60 x 42 foot masonry building with 10 lanes began in February of that year. There were 50 elevated spectator seats and a horseshow shaped snack bar. Assisting in the alley’s operation were Lewis McBride, Brad Landon and Paul Sprang. Mrs. Clifford Murphy was managing the snack bar.

Go-Kart races were taking place on Park Avenue in Cardington. There were 30 entrants in the races sponsored by the Cardington Cam Twisters Club and viewed by 300 people.

July 1969: Subscription prices of the Morrow County Independent were being raised to $4 per year. Single Copy prices were ten cents a copy.

By Evelyn Long

Contributing Columnist

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