Edison Council plans for warning siren

By Alberta Stojkovic - The Sentinel

EDISON — Village Council member Floyd Wogan said residents shouldn’t be alarmed when they hear the new tornado warning siren.

Wogan went over plans for the siren at the July 8 council meeting and said they will be running tests on the siren after it’s installed in the next few weeks.

Plans are for the siren to be installed on the grain elevator in Edison in the next two to four weeks. Because it weighs 300 pounds, Wogan said a sky lift will be needed.

The new siren is being purchased from the American Signal Company for $20,000. The purchase was approved by council at the June meeting to be paid from the village general fund.

Wogan said Emergency Management Director John Harsch approved of the siren and said he will help the village coordinate the siren with the county’s emergency system.

Citizens concerns

• Tim Hack the owner of Edison Car Wash and Tidy Tim’s said he is in the process of updating equipment in the automatic car wash. The car wash has been operating since 2003 and the new equipment will be cutting water consumption by 1/3.

“We’re trying to do a better job of ‘going green’ with the new technology,” Hack said.

• Ron Harper expressed concern for the growing number of junk cars being lined up behind Norm’s Towing business. He is concerned that rats will be drawn to the area around the storage units nearby.

Zoning/building inspector Kevin Salisbury said he has been working with the owner who has plans to move some of the cars out of the area and put fencing up in front of the business. Some of the property is in Gilead Township.

Part of the problem is that the heavy rains this spring have kept the owner from getting into the back area to move cars.

In other business:

• Salisbury is also continuing to work with residents in the village on cleaning up their property.

Village Attorney Rob Ratliff said they have sent out letters and they will begin prosecuting. Especially, any junk cars on the streets will be taken care of and he will work with the sheriff on that project.

• Street Supervisor Rod Clinger said the truck repairs are almost completed. Council approved $380.90 for new Firestone tires for the truck.

• Council member Eldonna McKinniss thanked the county highway department for paving County Road 9 outside the village. She also thanked county residents who passed the road levy to make the paving possible.

By Alberta Stojkovic

The Sentinel