Commissioners statement concerning Morrow County Hospital board action


The Morrow County Commissioners would like to thank the Morrow County Hospital Board for their service and dedication to the Morrow County Hospital.

They have made the decision to continue their management agreement with OhioHealth after spending $300,000 to a Chicago consulting firm.

The commissioners will take a positive approach to expanding the healthcare services provided in Morrow County. The Hospital Board has the day-to-day oversight of the hospital and pays OhioHealth to be their CEO and CFO.

The commissioners do not have any input regarding that operation. The commissioners are charged with the management of the county as a whole and will be seeking to expand and diversify the overall healthcare industry in the county as we continue to grow and prosper.

The commissioners will do all they can to retain the current county hospital employees and expand their opportunities. We look forward to the future in making Morrow County a great place to live, work and play.

Board of Morrow County Commissioners Tom E. Whiston, Burgess W. Castle, Warren E. Davis.