Edison Council adopts ordinance for child protection

By Alberta Stojkovic - The Sentinel

EDISON — Residents and council members received post cards last month, notifying them that sex offenders had moved into the village.

After much discussion and debate at the March 11 council meeting, council asked Village Attorney Rob Ratliff to draw up an ordinance to limit the residences of sex offenders at a distance as specified by Ohio Revised Code (ORC.)

At their council meeting April 8 council members adopted an ordinance written by Ratliff that adopts and incorporates all findings made by the general assembly of the State of Ohio that are included within Chapter 2950.04 of the ORC. It is an ordinance establishing locations near which sex offenders who are required to register under Ohio Revised Code2950.04 are prohibited from occupying.

The Edison ordinance states that 1,000 feet from residence are to be measured from the nearest property line of the school, day care facility, playground, park, library swimming pool, church, or non-school athletic field premises.

Ratliff said that the primary difference between the Edison ordinance and the ORC section is the addition of churches. Since Edison no longer has a school, it is possible to add church into the list of locations where a distance should be established of 1,000 feet for the protection of children.

The ordinance states that a violation of the ordinance is a misdemeanor that is punishable by a fine of $1,000 and up to six months in jail. Persons already living in the village before passage of the ordinance cannot be cited. If they are living in a rented residence, they can be cited under the ordinance when the rental agreement expires.

In other business:

• Council received a recommendation from the Edison Village Planning Commission to adopt ORC ordinance 2019-04 maintenance code for “Dangerous Buildings.” The purpose of the ordinance is to encourage clean-up of several properties where there is a potential health or safety hazard. Council members all received a copy of the seven page ordinance to read over before the May meeting.

The ORC section designates any building, shed, fence or other man-made structure which is dangerous to the public health because of its condition, and which may cause or aid in the spread of disease, or cause injury to the health of its occupants or the occupants of neighboring structures. Three additional conditions are also described of buildings that would be reason for the village or zoning inspector to give orders to abate, improve, condemn or close structures.

Council member Erica Walsh expressed concern about the sentence on holding part of the insurance money for residents after fire loss. Board members discussed that only some of the money is withheld as an incentive to rebuild after a fire. This is to discourage people from taking insurance money without doing reparation.

• Street Supervisor Rod Clinger reported they are putting in tile and a down drop by the school property so water runs off better toward the creek. Resident Kelsey Lewis had a question why she has flooding on her sidewalks and in the basement with rain storms. Clinger said her property is lower than the street, so that water runs toward her house.

• Council approved $6,210 for improvements for the village truck. The bid by Reiselts Machine Works in Radnor was the lowest and best of three bids.

By Alberta Stojkovic

The Sentinel