More funding slated for public transit

Staff Report

COLUMBUS — The Ohio Public Transit Association (OPTA) praised the Ohio House of Representative’s transportation budget, Sub HB 62. The $100 million annual allocation for public transit would be the most Ohio has ever invested in public transit in the state’s history.

“Speaker Larry Householder and the Finance Committee should be commended for their vision for getting our state moving,” OPTA Executive Director W. Curtis Stitt said.

“This funding recognizes the economic benefits of transit, generating $3.6 billion a year in economic activity and getting Ohioans to work, to school and healthcare in communities, large and small, throughout Ohio. OPTA also thanks Minority Leader Sykes and Representative Leland for championing transit in Ohio in this transportation budget.”

Transit is key to growing Ohio’s economy, a news release states.

Research show that the young professionals Ohio wants to attract and retain want more public transit options and the demand for public transit is growing rapidly. At the same time, public transit can reduce vehicle wear and tear on Ohio’s roads and improve the quality of our air and environment.

Morrow County Mobility Manager Tim Maceyko said, “It’s good to see both parties come together on something as important as this. I fully credit members of the House for understanding Ohio’s transportation needs and showing that with this budget.”

In his speech urging passage of the transportation budget Leland commented, “Our inclusion of $100 million for Public Transportation is a historic commitment that will provide enormous benefits for people throughout Ohio. By supporting this bi-partisan transformative legislation e are truly taking this Opportunity to move Ohio forward.”

“Transit is helping drive Ohio’s future,” Stitt added. “This investment recognizes that for Ohio to grow, transit mobility options using emerging technologies, must grow as well. This is a powerful and historic step forward in this budget process.”

Staff Report