4420 SR 229, Bennington Township, Steck Family Trust to Donald and Patricia Callahan, $229,000.

471 Quaker Trace, Bennington Township, Justin Hass to Johnathon and Theresa Bateman, $35,000.

5711 CR 13, Bennington Township, Bullen Keystone Preservation Trust to Richard and Dawn Evarson, $215,000.

10 West St., Marengo, Elsie Wilson V to Joseph and Shirley Porter, $130,000.

36 Main St., Marengo, Jeffrey and Rilee Rogers to Joseph and Shirley Porter, $115,000.

6183 CR 28, Canaan Township, Kevin Ferrington to Marcus and Tracy Owens, $52,700.

4114 TR 134, Cardington Township, Harold Ramsey to Rodney James, $184,000.

2772 CR 137, Cardington Township, PNC Bank to Ernest Hatfield, $46,000.

117 Richelderfer St., Cardington, Cardinal Leasing Corp. to Alexander and Shayleen Toro, $10,000.

214 S. Marion St., Cardington, Dustin Briggs to J&J Enterprises, LLC, $6,500.

7587 CR 183, Chester Township, Carolyn Haywood to Buddy Joe and Elaine Posey, $45,000.

5810 & 5830 CR 20, Congress Township, Robert and Holly Starner to Deborah Lewis, $276,000.

CR 93, Congress Township, Dean Persinger to Richard and Jennifer Miller, $30,000.

6656 TR 79, Congress Township, Terrence and Sharon Manley to Joshua and Shania Beck, $138,800.

7587 TR 58, Congress Township, Aaron and Elizabeth Boggs to Joshua Hinton, $125,000.

Lots 224-225, Congress Township, John and Beatrice Schade to Rebecca Harrah, $17,000.

Lots 255-256, Congress Township, Candlewood Lake Association to David and Rachel Fiest, $6,750.

7335 CR 22, Franklin Township, Melvin Swartzentruber to David and Esther Miller, $752,227.

4000 SR 314, Franklin Township, Morrow County Commissioners to Japheth and Joyce Yoder, $70,000.

3435 CR 125, Gilead Township, Robinson Family Trust to Paula Hardy, $185,000.

322 State St., Edison, Rebecca McAllister to Ariana Layer, $65,900.

350 Elmcrest Drive, Mount Gilead, Earl Gattshall to Richard and Veda Holley, $127,000.

113 N. Walnut S., Mount Gilead, Larry Schiffner and Diane Wisner to Kana Properties LLC, $9,000.

775 Westview Drive, Mount Gilead, Brandon Moodispaugh and Heather Chalfant to Nathan Remley, $121,000.

528 Grant St., Mount Gilead, Jessica Keirns to Keane Delp, $75.000.

3105, 3107 TR 184, Harmony Township, Cody and Mikaela Dauphin to Matthew Bickel and Kelly Dancer, $191,090.

4507 TR 179, US Bank to Kimberllynn Peck, $100,000.

128 E. Main St., Fulton, Christopher and Ashley Hendershot to Todd Schlaegel, $132,000.

7685 SR 42, Perry Township, JTMW LLC to Thomas Van Horn, $23,000.

743 CR 165, Peru Township, Garry and Katherine Pryor to Eric and Jessica Rine, $289,900.

2973 SR 229, Peru Township, Shirley Hatfield to William and Michelle Park, $125,000.

1367 CR 218, Peru Township, Brad and Lynnette Coffman to James and Olivia Davis, $252,000.

1601 CR 219, Peru Township, David and Deborah Niederhuber to Brennan Welcome, $213,200.

1152 CR 194, South Bloomfield Township, Gladys Crow I Trust to Skylar Caldwell and Nichole Wormcastle, $240,000.

7387 CR 21, South Bloomfield Township, Ronald Ragor et al to Stephen and Stacey Bonner, $49,000.

11 Main St., Sparta, William McDonald to Baylee and Darla Messmer, $115,000.

7029 SR 97, Troy Township, Jim Rinehart et al to Anthony Cogar, $127,000.

3264 SR 42, Westfield Township, Jesse and Malissa Rossiter to Jeffrey and Kimberly Bood, $300,000.

846 TR 147, Westfield Township, Steven and Stacey Eskey to James Jarrett Jr., $135,900.

Source: Morrow County Auditor.