Cardington council addresses finances

By Evelyn Long - The Sentinel

A first reading was given two ordinances related to finances when Cardington Village council met in regular session Monday, Nov. 5.

Submitted by the village’s Fiscal Officer, Deb Fry, one ordinance adopted a budget in tentative form for 2019 (Resources) and a second ordinance adopts the appropriation budget for 2019.

A third ordinance was adopted and it authorized the the transfer of funds from the income tax fund to the general fund.

Following a fourth reading, council adopted an ordinance that authorizes the Fiscal Officer to write off certain utility bills and to reflect the same on the village’s financial documents.

Bills totaling $48,530.08 were approved for payment.

Referring to the Recreation Board, Fry said she had informed that board’s treasurer that she, as the village’s fiscal officer, will not be tending the books for their organization beginning in 2019. She said she will complete this year, assist in the transition and be available for the audit in 2019.

Following the transition, she will present a revised job description to council for review and adoption- this occurring in 2019.

Police Chief James Wallace said the department had 26 calls the past month, 40 less than that the previous year. He also noted the SRO Officer will be returning to his post Nov. 15 following recovery from injuries that occurred in an accident.

Village Manager Danny Wood was on vacation. In his absence, Fry told council there had been a meeting with a representative from the EPA concerning a sample site review of the the village’s Wastewater Treatment Plant loan application and other aspects of it including the Management Plan and the Capitol Improvement Plan.

She said he was complimentary of the village’s preparation on these matters, noting “you are way ahead of most others I have seen.”

Council members agreed to meet only once in December that being at 6:30 p.m. Dec. 3. Council’s next meeting will be Nov. 19.

By Evelyn Long

The Sentinel