Marriages, real estate and small claims court

Marriage License

James Thomas Taylor, 58, Marengo, Maintenance to Deborah Eileen Lyons, 57, Marengo, QC Operator.

Henry L. Troyer, 22, Fredericktown, Sawmill to Sarah J. Miller, 20, Fredericktown, Housekeeping.

Kyle Mathew Stewart, 24, Cardington, Factory Worker to Lisa Marie Williams, 32, Cardington, Restaurant Manager.

Real Estate


Daryl Bowers to Zachary Osborn; Unit 2, Lot 331, Candlewood, Congress Twp. for $10,500.

Ethel Mosier to Ratree Brattin; G20-014-00-074-00, Gilead Twp. for $42,000.

Keith Rogers to Luke Ganison; 1.093acres G20-008-D0-005-00, Village of Mt. Gilead, Gilead Twp. for $144,500.

Edward and Susan Bump to Michael and Jessica Dye; 5.6165 acres at T.R. 210 and T.R. 211, Bennington Twp. for $34,000.


Nancy Morton to David McCafferty; Unit 1, Lot 173, Candlewood, Congress Twp. for $299,000.

Ruth Pukansky to Edward Robson; 0.758 acres at 1914 C.R. 170, Bennington Twp., Marengo for $70,000.

Jessica Keplar to Jeremy Heltun; 0.637 acres at T.R. 159 and C.R. 165, Lincoln Twp. for %5,000.

Lionel Jefferson to Wayne Yoder; 5.053 acres on T.R. 83, Perry Twp. for $22,000.


Jeremy Weiss to Julie Politi; Unit 10, Lot 35, Candlewood, Congress Twp. for $375,000.

Joseph Ebright to Tami Russell; Unit 6, Lot 102, Candlewood for Exempt.

Donald Wake to Deborah Baker; 5.530 acres at S.R. 288 and C.R. 40, North Bloomfield Twp. for


Ray Van Horn to William Young; 8.193 acres on T.R. 14, Franklin Twp. for $41,000.

Gary Counts to Caleb Cox; 6.57 acres on T.R. 26, Harmony Twp. for $105,000.


Barbara Osborne to Evelyn Mays; 2.823 acres on T.R. 193 for $137,700.

Timothy Walker to Anthony Kelder; 7.37 acres at 7666 C.R. 28, Caledonia, Canaan Twp.

Arline Buettin to Sisler, Sisler and Sisler; 2.8528 acres on S.R. 309, Washington Twp. for exempt.

Rodger Solomon to Henry Stutzman; 0.259 acres at 6801 C.R. 109, Franklin Twp. for $163,000.

Bank of New York Mellon to William Kirk; 412 W. Main St., Cardington Twp. for $30,100.

James Vaughn to John Dunfer; Unit 1, Lot 74, Cardington, Congress Twp. for $2,500.

Wesley Wigton to Adam Stewart; 2.274 acres on C.R. 11, $147,500.


Donald Soulier to Cody Blanton; 0.826 acres on C.R. 184, harmony Twp. for $83,000.

Sliverville Enterprises to Jason Woods; 1.589 acres at 2446 C.R. 170, Marengo, Harmony Twp. for $150,000.

Small Claims

Tina LaFerrara, Marengo vs Randy Bartum, Marengo, $3,000 money only.