Rusty touched our hearts

By Jeanine Girard - For The Sentinel



RIP Rusty.

Can’t stop thinking about this poor dear cat that a friend of mine found near her home. Blind from what looks like either an injury (or possible abuse) super thin, older fella. Heartbreaking how long he had been wandering around blind just trying to survive.

My friend (and her daughter) took him inside and couldn’t believe how he was soaking up being petted and fussed over. After all he had experienced on the streets, to finally receive a loving touch and be with people that actually noticed and cared for him.

Being after hours, the family called the Sheriff’s Department not sure what to do next. They notified a volunteer from the Humane Society who came right out. Obviously he needed medical care immediately so he was taken to Maple Run and seen.

Assessing his condition it was clear he had to be humanely put to sleep. His injuries were too severe and his condition so grave it sadly was the only recourse to end his suffering.

The family that found him was going to adopt him when he recovered, but sadly it was not meant to be. To think he almost had a forever loving home just breaks my heart even more.

I am just so grateful he had experienced love and care even if it was for only the briefest time. He didn’t leave here alone. God bless everyone who came together quickly to his aid.

Even though it did not have the ending we would have loved, he is no longer struggling to survive. He finally knew that he mattered.

The Humane Society posted the story of him and obviously he affected a lot of people. I pray that when someone sees an animal in distress they do what they can to help, like this family did.

Even just to call someone whether it be the Sheriff, Humane Society, Dog Shelter.

I can’t imagine how long he had been out there alone, in pain, hungry. He had to have been noticed by others in the neighborhood, I believe.

Thank you to my friend and her daughter who saw him in such grave shape and did something. They weren’t sure what to do but they knew something had to be done for this fella.

This poor fella didn’t have a name, maybe at one time I like to think that he did. On the Facebook feed of the Humane Society page I suggested give him a name.

I suggested Rusty, he was a dear orange kitty. So Rusty it is.

Romp in Paradise, Rusty. Your story affected a lot of us and you won’t be forgotten. You did matter.


By Jeanine Girard

For The Sentinel