Mt. Gilead Police Reports July 23-28


12:00 am – Officer assisted a woman in the 200 block of W. Marion Road who did not want to get out of her vehicle because of big white dog walking around her vehicle and the area. The dog ran away when the officer arrived.

1:32 am – A man in the 100 block of N. Walnut St. complained a loud noise was coming from the residence above him. Officer checked the complaint and stated he did not believe the man and suspected he was only doing it in retaliation for the neighbor calling police on him. Officer advised the man to call only with a legitimate complaint.

7:19 pm – the police dept was advised of a sinkhole on W. Center St. Officer assisted with traffic control until the hole was filled with gravel.


3:40 am – MCH emergency room staff advised of a dog outside the ER. The dog was limping and injured and the dog warden was called.

4:27 am – A man in the 700 block of N. Main St. reported he woke up and found a man and woman on his property and, upon approaching them, they got into a vehicle and sped off. He offered a description of the pair and the vehicle but officer was unable to locate them.

7:42 pm – A traffic stop in the 500 block of W. Marion Rd. resulted in a citation issued to Justin Counts for driving under suspension. It was later determined Counts gave the officer a wrong name and social security number. Officer was unable to contact Counts and forwarded a report to the prosecutor’s office.

11:10 pm – MCFC advised they were out with a mental patient who seemed confused. Officer was able to identify the man, who was just walking home.


12:34 am – A woman in the 400 block of S. Delaware St. called the sheriff’s office to report several items in her complex and stated it was the ‘trailer trash next door’ that was responsible. A gazing ball went missing along with the neighbors’ American Flag and several toys. The woman asked for extra night patrol and officer assured her there would be.

3:17 pm- Officer cited and released Nicole Spencer for a stop sign violation and driving under suspension.

3:59 pm – An Autozone employee report AC coolant was stolen from the store.

6:21 pm – A semi tractor tractor was reported stuck on the SR 95 tracks in Edison. Upon officer’s arrival, no truck was on the tracks.

6:55 pm – An Ohio State Park officer was in pursuit of a vehicle coming into town from the Mt. Gilead State Park. Dispatch later said they were on W. Elm St. MG Officer located the State Park vehicle on Baird Ave. and saw an officer near the residence at W.Elm and Baird. A man walked out of the house and toward his truck and the Park Officer advised the man he was under arrest. The man jumped into the bed of his truck and when MG officer told him several times to get down, the man stated he needed to take off his grill. MG officer climbed into the truck bed and escorted the man out of the truck and, while doing so, the man fell against the grill and said he was burned. Officers stood him up and handcuffed him and transported the man to the Sheriff’s office.


5:20 pm – A man in the 100 block of W. Marion St. reported his neighbor pushed him.

10:15 pm – Officer responded to a report of a fight on E.Center St. Two women said they got into an argument. Officer separated them and detected alcohol coming from one woman. One woman pushed the other, and the second woman pushed back. No one wanted to press charges.


2:10 pm – Damage was reported at the golf course.

4:30 pm – Two women got into an argument in the 200 block of W. Marion Rd. Their landlord attempted to talk to them to get them to stop all the ‘drama’ and that’s when the trouble started. Officer advised the women to stay away from each other and advised the landlord he cold call the police for a civil standby next time.

7:23 pm – Non-injury accident at W. High and Town St.


6:03 am – Cited Robert C. Funk for driving under suspension.

4:50 pm – The staff at the MG pool reported a little girl was at the pool with a large cut on her finger. They attempted to call her parents and no one answered. Officer spoke to the mother in the 100 block of W. Marion St and told her to contact the pool regarding her daughter.

9:23 pm – A man reported a dog darted into the roadway and ran into his trailer as he was driving on W. High St. The dog was killed and there was no damage to the trailer.