Cardington Seniors learn about dulcimers

By Evelyn Long - The Sentinel

Lee Felt and Pat Maxwell talked about the dulcimer when Cardington seniors met at the Senior Center for its June 22 luncheon.

Felt said she and her late husband, Doug Felt, moved from Marion to MorrowCounty to build a log cabin in the southern part of the county. It was then Doug, who had received a dulcimer, decided to take lessons on it. He had never played an instrument before nor had he read music.

He then began to make dulcimers with the first one being of cardboard. He also taught others throughout the U.S. to play the instrument.

Lee began making bags for the dulcimer, soon becoming known as the OhioBag-lady. Requests were made for her to make bags for sheet music, cloth music stands and later, bags for computer tablets. They also made other accessories associated with playing the dulcimer.

When they made improvements at their home, Doug stood back and declared, “This’ll do!” That became the name of her bag business, “Thistle Dew Acres.”

Each bag bag has a heart with a thistle embroidered on it.

They traveled around the U.S. to dulcimer festivals, sometimes as many as 25 a year. Doug played dulcimer and Lee sold her beautiful bags. Lee continues to go to festivals since her husband’s death, with family taking on the responsibility of making the bags and other items she sells.

She had a display of bags at this meeting and they can also be viewed at Maxwell displayed her dulcimer which she won several years ago and started taking lessons. She played several songs.

The dulcimer has three, four or six strings. Each string has a portion of song, melody, middle sounds or bass. Most people play with three strings. Dulcimers originated in the 18th century.

Maxwell has been working with students to form a Mountain Music Band at the Tomorrow Center to include Dulcimers. They have played at one event at school and more are planned.

During this meeting, Pastor Paul Turner, who gave devotions, announced that he had recently completed all work and was now ordained. He received this at the church convention where his father was also recognized for being ordained for 50 years.

The pastor spoke on Matthew 18:20 which explains that “where two or more are gathered together” and this prompts a feeling of community as there will be in the planned combined service of four local churches at the Cardington Community Park on July 8.

The next Seniors meeting will be at noon Friday, July 27 at the Senior Center. Reservations and/or cancellations must be made by Thursday, July 26, by calling 419-946-4191. Cookies will be provided by Carolyn Poorman and Shirley Robinson.

By Evelyn Long

The Sentinel