205 CR 26, Bennington Township, Kevin Headings to Andrew Spafford, $197,000.

1935 CR 170, Bennington Township, Mann Spencer to Ryan Sheriff, $103,500.

107 S. Marion St., Cardington, Ray Thomas and Patti Baker Ray to Lea Ann Maceyko, $77,000.

3688 Gooding Road, Cardington Township, Rosetta Ohler Jeffrey and Nelsie Youngs, $55,000.

329 Chesterville Ave., Cardington, Joseph G. Dlesk to Lori and Stacy Frost, $179,900.

6125 CR 25, Chester Township, George and Jamie Moore to Chad and Kathy Anne Hood, $160,000.

7202 CR 40, Congress Township, John Spurck to Priestas Brothers Farms LLC, $164,497.

Lots 20-23, Congress Township, Victor and Linda Hernandez to Marc and Crystal Swango, $137,500.

Lots 5, 6, Congress Township, Aaron and Jacqueline Evans to Chemical Bank, $18,667.

Lots 116, 117, Congress Township, Steven Lucas and Melissa Sturgill to Rebecca Harrah, $27,500.

Lots 168, 169, Congress Township, Candlewood Lake Association, Inc. to William Adkins, $6,375.

Lot 97, Congress Township, Larry Larsen to Mark and Jennifer Craighead, $1,750.

222 Lot, Congress Township, Candlewood Lake Association, Inc. to Kathleen Vance, $5,625.

6965 CR 121, Franklin Township, John Barber to Samuel Walter, $174,747.

4431 CR 98, Franklin Township, Matthew Ware to Jeremy and Brittany Keltner, $183,000.

TR 119, Franklin Township, Shane Miller to Jerry and Rhonda Justice, $10,000.

5400 CR 20, Franklin Township, Clarence Keckler to Carol Lessick, $200,000,

297 Delaware St., Mount Gilead, David Arnold to Matthew and April Moore, $81,400.

327 N. Delaware St., Mount Gilead, Genevieve Murphy and Chase Beekman to Reuben and Elizabeth Rice, $80,000.

97 S. Rich St. rear, Mount Gilead, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Arthur and Andrea Miller, $20,250.

18 W. High St., Mount Gilead, Cellar Studios Ink LLC to Kerry Wintrich, $58,000.

589 Buckeye Lane, Mount Gilead, David Patterson to Cody Jackson, $104,900.

395 Catalpa Lane, Mount Gilead, Dorothy (Tod) Farris to Sean and Josie Keefus, $124,000.

508 Grant St., Mount Gilead, Alvin Baker, trustee, to Frances Cover, $70,000.

4770 TR 179, Harmony Township, Rosemary Harvel to Graham and Terri Montigny, $319,000.

5230 TR 179, Harmony Township, Robert May et al, to Robert and Ruth Ann May, $56,250.

3271 TR 124, Lincoln Township, Brad and April Thompson to James and Alicia Baldwin, $170,000.

TR 49, North Bloomfield Township, Arthur and Wilma Kincaid to Seth and Amber Albert, $245,000.

TR 49, North Bloomfield Township, Lloyd Garverick to Robert and Krista Snider, $65,000.

6223 TR 49, North Bloomfield Township, Seth and Amber Albert to Arthur and Wilma Kincaid, $245,000.

5839 TR 49, North Bloomfield Township, Everfield Farms LLC to Legacy Ag LLC, $750,000.

SR 314, Perry Township, Bruce and Kathy Lanker, trustees, to Whetstone Home Improvements LLC, $550,000.

CR 19, South Bloomfield Township, Wells Family Preservation Trust to Timothy and Devon Bunyard, $31,500.

4800 CR 49, Washington Township, Linda Bilger to Joseph Burton Sr., $34,000.

3614 SR 309, Washington Township, Edward and Ladora Rowe to James Purvis and Ceirra Morczek, $40,000.

657 TR 147, Westfield Township, Dean Davis et al Wilma Davis life estate to Michael Hatfield, $100,000.

Source: Morrow County Auditor.