Primary ballot features local, state candidates, issues

By Alberta Stojkovic - The Sentinel

MOUNT GILEAD — Local Republicans will decide on County Commissioner and County Treasurer candidates in the May 8 primary.

• Republican candidates for the Commissioner term beginning Jan. 1, 2019, are Michael Sayers of Edison and incumbent Tom Whiston of Mount Gilead.

• The County Treasurer will be for the unexpired term that was vacated by Thomas Griffith. Republican candidates are Michael D. Goff of Edison and Dennis A. Leader of Mount Gilead.
•Patricia K. Davies is running for re-election for the full term beginning March 11, 2019. She is the only candidate for this position.
• Robert C. Hickson, Jr. is running for the full term of Common Pleas Court beginning Jan. 1, 2019.

No Democrat candidates are running for any of the open positions.

• The one countywide issue is the proposed resolution for the Morrow County 911 System. The resolution states it is “for the purpose of establishing, equipping and furnishing one or more public safety answering points as part of the 911 system, paying the cost of operating and maintain the answering points and of paying the expense of administering and enforcing such on each lot or other political subdivision that is improved at an increase of $25 per year which will total $50.00 per improved parcel per year, effective 2019.”

• Bennington Township has a renewal tax levy for “the purpose of general construction, reconstruction, resurfacing and repair of streets, roads and bridges at a rate not exceeding 2 mills for each one dollar of valuation which amounts to $.02 for each one hundred dollars of valuation for 3 years, beginning in 2018 first due in calendar year 2019.”

• Washington Township has an issue for the repeal of “county zoning plan currently in effect for the unincorporated area of Washington Township.” A majority vote is necessary for passage.

• Republicans have three candidates running for State Rep. in the 87th District. They are Steve Reinhard, Doug Weisenauer of Crawford County and interim Riordan T. McClain of Wyandot County.

The Democrat candidate for the seat is Mary E. Pierce-Broadwater of Crestline.

• The state issue is for a Constitutional amendment “to establish a process for congressional redistricting.” The stated purpose is to make the districts less partisan and keep local communities together as well as keeping district boundaries more compact. The complete wording of the ballot issue can be found at the Morrow County Board of Elections.

For information and a complete listing of candidates visit the Board of Elections website at after March 24 or call at 419-946-4026.

By Alberta Stojkovic

The Sentinel