Cardington sewer work nearly done

By Evelyn Long - The Sentinel

Danny Wood, Cardington Village Administrator, reported to village council the sewer repair on North Marion Street is nearing completion. The report was made during council’s meeting Feb. 19.

He said it included a new manhole and addition of a a second manhole southeast of the traffic light intersection.

Wood also said the I & I Sanitary Sewer evaluation is complete and ready for a proposal for the Phase Two project with five locations pinpointed for corrections. He noted there is a retention pond at the water treatment plant that is covered so the surface gets all rain driven to the sanitary sewer so “we’re not sure the pond is needed. We put in a plug and see if it can operate without the pond.”

He said manhole covers had been ordered for other parts of the village. He noted when flow meters were monitored and moved to different locations it showed a map of the high flow areas.

There may a block in the Water Street area, he said, which will be checked.

Finance Officer Deb Fry reviewing the village’s finances, said the income tax collections for the month of February are the highest they have been in February since 2014.

Council members approved several finance related ordinances, adopting the permanent budget for 2018; making permanent appropriations and other expenses for the village for fiscal year ending December 31, 2018; and authorizing the appropriation and supplemental appropriations (transfer to street fund from income tax fund.

Bills totaling $63,461.97 were approved for payment and included $32,800 for a drying bed for the wastewater treatment plant.

Members noted the blue lights installed to the front of the municipal/police department building in tribute to the two fallen Westerville police officers.

Council will meet next on March 5.

By Evelyn Long

The Sentinel