Seniors learn about WIC program

CARDINGTON — Speaking to Cardington Seniors during their Aug. 25 meeting, Vicky Adams explained the WIC program. She said it is a federal program that provides nutritious foods to pregnant and breast feeding women and children to age five.

They have to meet poverty guidelines to qualify. An EBT card is used to buy the food. Store shelves are marked with what foods can be purchased on the WIC program.

They also offer a series of classes, “Bridge Out of Poverty” for the mothers.

Adams also talked about working on a volunteer basis with the homeless in the county. She helps find what is available to them. Being homeless can range from living in a tent or car, a shelter or living with family or friends on a temporary basis. Loss of housing can occur from physical or mental problems or loss of income leading to foreclosures or evictions.

In the U S. two and one half million are in shelter or in temporary housing.

There is a lack of affordable housing for the poor. Most people can get housing for 30 percent of their income, but the poor spend 50 percent of their income.

Linda Ruehrmund gave an update on Senior Day at the fair and of September events at Seniors on Center.

Shirley Robinson, president of the Seniors, gave the devotions based on a Guidepost article by Lester Holt. He wrote of how the devastating Haitian hurricane was so hard for him to see and also report. He also noted that poverty stricken country is only 100 miles from the US.

Cookies for this meeting were furnished by Phyllis Jiles. Shirley Robinson and Marlene Renz will furnish cookies for the Sept. 22 meeting.

Reservations or cancelations for that meeting can be made until noon on Sept. 21 by calling 419-946-4191.

By Evelyn Long

The Sentinel