Morrow County Sheriff Reports

July 24-25

Narcotics complaint, Road 108, Franklin Township.

Suspicious Vehicle, State Route 61/Road 115, Gilead Township.

Vandalism, Road 121, Harmony Township.

Threats/harassment, Road 34, Congress Township.

Shooting complaint, Road, Congress Township.

Neighbor Complaint, State Route 288, North Bloomfield Township.

July 26-27

Domestic, Road 25, Lincoln Township.

Theft, Road 15, Bennington Township.

Threat/Harassment, Road 187, Harmony Township.

Domestic, Road 24, Peru Township.

Domestic Dispute, State Route 19, Congress Township.

Burglary in Progress, East Main Street, Sparta. Deputies responded to a breaking and entering in progress. A 27-year-old man was taken into custody at the scene.

Threats/harassment, Road 108, Franklin Township.

Burglary, Road 181, Chester Township.

Assault, State Route 61, Lincoln Township.

Juvenile Complaint, Road 159, Lincoln Township.

July 28-30

Fight, State Route 61, Lincoln Township.

Threats/harassment, U.S. 42, Westfield Township.

Vandalism, Road 15, Bennington Township.

Theft, Marengo.

Domestic, State Route 61, Bennington Township.

Threats/harassment, U.S. 42, Congress Township.

Theft, Road 37, Troy Township.

Assault, State Route 314, Troy Township.

Theft, U.S./Road 22, Congress Township.

Shooting complaint, State Route 314, Franklin Township.

Assault, Road 21, Peru Township.

Accident, Road 37, Troy Township.

Theft, Road 49, Washington Township.

Narcotics, Road 37, Troy Township.